22 December 2017

12 days of BizHacks

Christmas can easily go from the most magical time of the year to the holiday from hell, that can cause more stress than any work deadline. Luckily for you, Christmas is a time for giving and we wanted to give you some BizHacks to save you from the chaos during this festive time. With a hack for every day of the 12 days of Christmas, you can’t go wrong. The BizHacks advent calendar is going to be the best gift you ever receive…

BizHack 1:

On the first day of Christmas, BizHacks gave to me – A child-proof way of decorating the tree.

Whether it’s the kids or the cat, there is always someone pulling the ornaments off the tree. Try attaching them with cable ties for an extra secure hold.

BizHack 2:

On the second day of Christmas, BizHacks gave to me - A cookbook holder to fill you with glee

If you’re lucky the one who’s year it is to host Christmas dinner, prepping can be a messy process. Why not save some room on the kitchen top and use a trouser hanger as a cookbook holder?

BizHack 3:

On the third day of Christmas, BizHacks gave to me - A hack to wrap after your shopping spree

Wrapping presents, the bane of your life, just got that little bit easier. Instead of sitting in a sea of paper this Christmas Eve, or Christmas morning (if you’re really cutting it fine) save an old loo roll. Cut a line down the middle and wrap it around your paper. No more endless rolls of wrapping paper taking over your bedroom floor.

BizHack 4:

On the fourth day of Christmas, BizHacks gave to me - A paperclip is always the key

We can’t avoid wrapping presents, another wrapping hack is coming your way. Once you’ve managed to tackle the masses of wrapping paper all over your floor, why not challenge its partner in crime – the Sellotape? Whether you last used it this time last year, the end of the role is never easy to find. Place a paper clip at the end of the roll every time you use it and you’ll always be able to see where to scratch.

BizHack 5:

On the fifth day of Christmas, BizHacks gave to me - A way to enjoy Oreos mess free

Getting the kids to bed on Christmas Eve is probably one of the hardest tasks so far. The excitement that Father Christmas will actually be in our house tonight is almost too much to handle. Warm milk and cookies might just take their mind off things, but sticky fingers are not what we want. When dunking Oreos, use a fork and stick it in the filling to avoid messy hands.

BizHack 6:

On the sixth day of Christmas, BizHacks gave to me - A nail and hammer that works brilliantly

Everyone is in bed, you can finally relax with a bottle of red, but it’s just your luck that the bottle opener had gotten lost among the Christmas mayhem. Fear no more, a nail and a hammer will do the trick.

BizHack 7:

On the seventh day of Christmas, BizHacks gave to me - A beverage that’s a little frosty

If you’ve been so busy prepping Christmas dinner that you forgot to put the drinks in the fridge, fear not. Just wrap a wet piece of kitchen roll around your beverage and pop it in the freezer. In 15 minutes you will have a lovely cold drink.

BizHack 8:

On the eighth day of Christmas, BizHacks gave to me - The perfect snack bowl, we think many would agree

At family gatherings during the holidays, sharing bags are a must. Use this technique of rolling the packets up to save on washing up bowls.

BizHack 9:

On the ninth day of Christmas, BizHacks gave to me - A chocolate treat that is awesomely sweet

A deliciously chocolate treat to end Christmas day on a high is exactly what everyone needs. Put a scoop (or two) of ice cream into an almost empty jar of Nutella and enjoy this delicious dessert whilst watching a festive film.

BizHack 10:

On the tenth day of Christmas, BizHacks gave to me - A Boxing Day sandwich fit for a queen

For those turkey sandwiches on Boxing Day, why not try putting two slices of bread in one toaster slot to make the outside crispy whilst keeping the inside soft.

BizHack 11:

On the eleventh day of Christmas, BizHacks gave to me - A way to put lights away perfectly

When the festivities are over, the last thing you need is to get tangled up in the lights when putting them away. Try wrapping them around a coat hanger to keep them from knotting.

BizHack 12:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, BizHacks gave to me - A box to put the baubles away

Always losing decorations? The next time you buy some eggs, save the packaging – they make eggcellent bauble storage boxes.


We hope these hacks are helpful over the holidays, and you all have a wonderful Christmas,

From everyone at BizSpace Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Lena Hughes

As a second-year BSc Economics student at the University of Leeds, I am driven and love a challenge. Being the Social Media and Marketing Officer for the Leeds Women in Leadership society, which has over 650 members, I’m also a strong believer in inclusivity and equality. Through my role, I have promoted events catering for over 200 people and my mission is to increase awareness of the society even more over the next year.

In my free time, I like playing the piano, having achieved up to Grade 4 and to relax, I also enjoy yoga.