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22 November 2017

A week in the Life of a BizSpace Intern

I’m Lena Hughes and am currently in my second year studying Economics at the University of Leeds. This week I have been at BizSpace’s head office in London doing a work placement in the marketing department.

Young woman with long brown hair standing next to a window, smiling

My first impression of the office was how welcoming it felt. As soon as I walked in, the kitchen was on my right and the slogans written on the walls such as “I love the smell of optimisation in the morning” really added a motivational and positive vibe.

After having a walk around the office and being introduced to everyone (even the CEO), I was given a run through of the week and my schedule was jam-packed - covering all aspects of marketing. Something that I really appreciated was how I was asked what I wanted to get out of the week. The team really tailored the timetable with what I wanted to know, for instance, I wanted to learn more about Canva, a design website, and this was fitted into the day.

Throughout my time at BizSpace I learnt about a range of marketing areas, from website design to PR to social media to strategy and budget. 

Hands on experience

Something that made the week so good was that I actually got to get involved with the company, attending various meetings throughout the week. One of my favourite parts was creating an infographic about productivity BizHacks on Canva where I was able to use BizSpace’s branding style and create my own piece of artwork. This was really useful to me since I am now able to transfer the skills that I learnt on Canva and use them when I am designing other promotional material. This was posted on Twitter and LinkedIn which made me feel like I was really part of the team for a week and not just here on work experience.

As well as this, I got the opportunity to compose other tweets and LinkedIn posts, which gave me a good feel for how to adapt phrases when using different social media platforms in marketing. Another graphic that I created (a before and after picture) actually ended up getting over 1,200 impressions on LinkedIn. The fact that I was trusted to post to this many people under the company’s name was daunting but also showed me that my work was valued and appreciated.

Not only did I get to post to BizSpace’s social media, I also participated in some user testing for the website that they are currently working on. I identified areas that I thought could be improved and gave feedback which was taken on board. Again, this made me feel like part of the team since my input actually contributed to what the company were doing.

Days with difference

The range of activities that I engaged in throughout my time at BizSpace showed me that there is no ‘typical day’ here. Each day was different and this added excitement to the office, which I noticed since all of the staff were so enthusiastic. Every member of the marketing team took time out of their day to teach me what they specialised in, which really helped me get to grips with the range of marketing activities that the team carry out as a whole.

Overall, my week at BizSpace has been a week to remember. I was treated like an employee for the week rather than just a student wanting some experience. Since I am also the Social Media and Marketing officer for the Leeds Women in Leadership society, I feel that I can use what I have learnt and apply it to my own marketing work within the society. The team have also given me ideas that could help to promote the society, so I have gained a huge amount from the week that I have spent here.

Finally, I would like to say that I am more than grateful for the opportunity to intern at BizSpace for this week and a big thank you to Emma, Chris, Ceyda, Grace, Samuel, Lynsie and all of BizSpace.


Lena Hughes

As a second-year BSc Economics student at the University of Leeds, I am driven and love a challenge. Being the Social Media and Marketing Officer for the Leeds Women in Leadership society, which has over 650 members, I’m also a strong believer in inclusivity and equality. Through my role, I have promoted events catering for over 200 people and my mission is to increase awareness of the society even more over the next year.

In my free time, I like playing the piano, having achieved up to Grade 4 and to relax, I also enjoy yoga.