BizSpace Announcements

02 October 2019

BizSpace CEO discusses the flexible workspace market

In an interview with Property Week, Gareth Evans, CEO at BizSpace discusses the opportunities and challenges in the flexible workspace market. 

BizSpace offers flexible, affordable workspaces across the UK and is a leading provider particularly in regional locations.

Gareth said: “We’ve been dealing with flexibility ever since our inception in 2000 because we’ve been focused on the small business market - and small businesses need that flexibility.”

He goes on to discuss how the concept of flexibility exploded as a result of the global financial crisis but since then it has evolved - and it’s here to stay.

Gareth explains: “There’s been an explosion of operators in the marketplace. I think we’ll see some bigger players realising that there’s a huge market out there, and they’ll start moving out towards the regions.” 

Following on from the interview with Property Week, Gareth will be discussing the transformation of the commercial property landscape on a panel discussion at the Workspace Conference this Friday. 

Property Week’s new conference ‘brings together the office real estate sector’ with a day of panel discussions and talks from investment insights to technology trends.

Other industry experts on the panel include Tania Adir Co-Founder at Uncommon, Chris Namih Head of European Expansion at Knotel and Alison Web Head of Workspace at Lendlease.

To watch the full interview by Property Week with BizSpace CEO Gareth Evans click here


Hannah Lloyd-Jones