24 January 2014

Boost your Twitter followers

Customers are more likely to buy from a company they follow on Twitter. So how can you gain more of the right kinds of followers?

Nowadays, practically every start-up business and established company needs to have a presence on Twitter.

According to data from analytics company KISSmetrics, customers are 64% more likely to buy from a company they follow on Twitter. Using Twitter wisely can help you advertise and achieve business growth. But when you first get started, the process of building up followers can seem slow and frustrating.

Here are some tips on raising your profile on Twitter and hopefully attracting some new customers in the process.

1. Prioritise Twitter for a month

You need to invest some time and effort in Twitter to build an initial base of followers relevant to your business. Before you start, think about what you want to achieve by using Twitter. Will you use it to build your brand, to provide customers with support, sell your product or to gain insight from your customers? Once you know your main aims, you're more likely to get more out of your time. 

By focusing on Twitter for a month, you will get to grips with the kind of tweets that are popular and attract positive attention. Make time to learn common Twitter terminology, such as retweets and trending topics - see Twitter's FAQ section

2. Tweet regularly

As a general rule, the more you tweet, the more followers you will attract. But make sure you don’t tweet anything that will damage your business or that goes against your ethos and message. Think about your audience and aim to make your tweets valuable and interesting to them - is there a problem that your business or products can solve?

Try not to send out multiple tweets in a row either - this can annoy people and lead to them unfollowing you. Instead, plan your tweets in advance so you are consistently posting content on a regular basis. There are tools available like Hootsuite or Buffer, which help you save time by scheduling tweets as well as monitoring how many times you are mentioned.

You don’t only have to tweet in the office. Use your spare moments to tweet so your profile stays active and your followers stay interested. If you’re waiting to go into a business meeting, you’re travelling or you’re working out at the gym, these are ideal times to send out a quick tweet. If you get into the habit of using Twitter whenever you have a period of downtime, it won’t seem such a time-consuming job. Take a look at a previous post of ours on how to make the most out of Twitter

3. Follow people

If you follow people, chances are many of them will follow you in return, which may lead to some of their followers following you as well. One simple way of finding people to follow is to use your existing connections. Find the people you are already connected with on LinkedIn as well as other business contacts and follow them on Twitter.

Look at the people recommended to you by Twitter and follow people who have similar interests or are involved in the same industry as you. There are also plent of tools out there to help you decide who to follow, such as followerwonk, tweepi. Followerwonk also shows you the most active hours of your followers, so can help you work out the best times to tweet.

4. Engage with others

  • Find a regular Twitter chat that is relevant to your industry sector and join in. This is way for you to make some genuinely useful followers as contacts.
  • Search relevant keywords for your business and see what people are tweeting about. Can you help by answering a question for someone?
  • When someone replies to one of your tweets or mentions you, reply back. 

Remember quality over quantity

The purpose of this post is to help you gain followers relevant to your business. It's important not to get too focused on the number of followers you have and we certainly wouldn't advise the quick and dirty method of buying followers. It's more valuable for you to have 100 followers who have started following you because they're interested in your business or tweets than 500 who follow anyone and everyone. 

And don't forget to help people find you on Twitter by adding your ID to your email signature, website, other social media accounts and any other materials you use.

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