09 September 2013

Five ways to create a good work environment

Even social media giant Facebook can't get everything right in terms of workplace satisfaction it seems! Here's 5 factors for a good working environment.

Staff employed by Facebook have revealed the things they don’t like about working for the social media giant. The company, which was named as the best tech place to work by employment site, is known for paying high wages and supplying workers with free food and drink.

But it seems Facebook staff still have a list of things they don’t like about their workplace including a lack of privacy and having to listen to other people’s complaints about the social media site.

One employee wrote on Quora: “The workplace is awful. Huge rooms filled with rows and rows of picnic style tables with people sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with six inches of separation and zero privacy.”

So what does make a good workplace?

1.      Flexibility

Most people are keen to achieve a better work/life balance. If you can offer your employees the chance to work in a flexible way, this may help raise staff morale in the office and keep the team motivated. This could include offering flexible hours or giving employees the opportunity to do some of their work from home.

2.      Appreciation

No one likes to feel they are being taken for granted. Offering plenty of positive feedback and showing your appreciation to an employee when they perform well will help them feel valued. If someone feels their efforts are being recognised, they are more likely to enjoy coming to work.

3.      A clear direction

Having a plan which all your employees are aware of ensures staff feel like they are part of a team working towards common goals. Make sure you have a clear mission and purpose and that you communicate this to everyone working for your business. If employees believe what they are doing is making a real difference, they are more likely to enjoy their job.

4.      Fair treatment

Treat staff fairly and with respect and give them a forum where they can raise problems and concerns and make suggestions about how things can be improved. Wages matter but even high salaries won’t keep people happy if they feel their working conditions are unfair.

5.      Consider the design of your workspace

Think about the design of your office and whether it is comfortable to work in. Giving staff an area where they can relax and take breaks may actually boost productivity. It is important to create areas where staff can collaborate easily and work as a team but try and make sure employees also have a sense of privacy and personal space as well. A well chosen workspace can help avoid many potential causes of tension.