05 July 2013

Flexible working boosts productivity

Companies that allow flexible working are more productive; a survey of 1,000 staff found that 94% claimed to work better when they were at home.

Companies that allow flexible working are more productive, research has shown.

Allowing staff to do some of their work from home encourages them to put in more hours, a report by the videoconferencing service provider Uci2i has claimed. The study suggests businesses that do not embrace flexible working are missing out on an average of 24 working days a year compared to companies that allow staff who want to work from home to do so.

The survey of 1,000 members of UK staff found that 94% claimed to work better when they were at home.

However, the research indicates that while it is a good idea to allow flexible working, it is also important for staff to work together in offices and workplaces for good communication between employees. The report found 84% of those polled felt uncomfortable about their colleagues not working alongside them.

The main benefits of flexible working

It boosts staff morale

Listening to the needs of your employees and taking their suggestions seriously motivates staff and makes them feel happier working for your company.

It reduces the risk of staff leaving

If an employee has a good reason for wanting to work flexible hours or to complete some or all of their work at home, then denying their request could cause them to seek alternative employment. For example, flexible working is more likely to see working parents stay with the company as they are able to achieve a better work/life balance and fit their job around the childcare options available to them.

It cuts absenteeism

Giving your staff the chance to work from home makes them more likely to continue working when they are under the weather. While they may well be reluctant to go into the office with a bad cold or some other infectious illness, they may well feel happy logging on at home. It is also useful when periods of extreme weather like snow make travelling difficult.

Potential to have a smaller workplace

If some of your staff are working elsewhere or flexible hours means not all your employees will be on site at the same time, you may well be able to take on smaller business accommodation, which will save you money on rent.


At Bizspace, we have a completely flexible approach and allow our clients to change their accommodation as their needs change. If a company expands and needs a larger space, we are happy to help just as we are if a firm realises they no longer need as big an area for their business. And as you do not need to tie yourself into long-term leases, if you switch to smaller premises and then discover you need more space, you can quickly and easily move to a larger unit.