11 March 2018

Goggles at the ready: going virtual in Cheadle

The Giraffy unit

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are two of the biggest trends to come out of 2017. Not to be left out, we have teamed up with Giraffe360 with one simple goal: to produce the best 360 tours within our industry. The device is a joy to use and will add an extra layer of interactivity to our digital platforms.

Nifty, nimble and loveable

The nifty, light and nimble unit has even earned itself a nickname; Giraffy. Giraffy is an amazing piece of kit and produces breathtaking 270 megapixel tours. That’s not all, it’s capable of producing 50 megapixel HDR photos.

"It’s simply remarkable what this small unit (Giraffy) is capable of. It’s a 360 tour like no other. The experience is second-to-none. The tech is ahead of the game and may even replace property photographers in the long run. Lastly, the support we get from the team at Giraffe360 is amazing. We plan to have 360 tours of all our business centres by the end of 2018." Samuel Dontoh -  Creative Manager

Enter Cheadle Place

Our latest project saw us venture into one of our newest business centres, Cheadle Place. This quirky new site is full of bold colours, modern furniture and 62 fully-refurbished offices.

View our 360 tour of Cheadle Place


Samuel Dontoh