16 April 2015

Grangemouth customer showcases circus acrobatics down-under

Grangemouth customer Miriam Wolanski explains how she has built up her pole fitness company and was invited to teach in an Australian pole convention.

A Grangemouth customer and owner of a pole fitness company has recently returned from teaching circus acrobatics across the globe in Australia.

Miriam Wolanski, 28, founder of Wolanski's Pole & Aerial Fitness, based at our Grangemouth Business Centre in Scotland, taught workshops in specialised areas of pole fitness at the Australia Pole Camp & Convention 2015.

The convention brings together pole fitness instructors from all over the world, from countries such as China, France and the UK, to share the most innovative practice and latest techniques.

Miriam met the convention organisers when competing in the World’s First Pole Cup back in 2012 in Brazil and has kept in contact with them ever since.

Miriam explains: “Pole fitness is really big in Australia. They take it very seriously and have shed the stigma of pole fitness being related solely to women dancing in strip clubs, much quicker than we have in Britain. However, various TV shows such as Britain’s Got Talent are helping to get rid of the old-fashioned viewpoint of pole fitness being about dancing in stilettos.

“The convention organisers asked me to run specialist workshops on circus acrobatics, expanding skills from pole fitness to aerial activities. My most popular workshop was called ‘Madness with Miriam’ which involved performing on a pole whilst using sock puppets.

“I combined fitness skills with theatre to make it even more fun and give people an extra challenge. Not only that, but it actually helped individuals with their coordination, as it was easier to instruct someone to move their foot with the puppet on it – it’s easy to lose your sense of left and right when you are upside down!”

The sky’s the limit

Back from Oz, Miriam has continued to work hard to take her pole fitness company to the next level, extending skills from pole work, she is now training students to use the aerial hoop, Chinese silks and the aerial hammock.

The launch of a children’s circus skills class at the end of 2014 has proved popular amongst kids aged between five and 13 years who are keen to use the pole and learn tumbling gymnastic routines. However, Miriam’s classes are not just for the young but are open to all ages, shapes and sizes.

“People tend to be nervous attending classes for the first time and are put off if others in the group don’t match their age range,” comments Miriam.

“My classes include people aged from five, up to 65 years old. My instructors are well qualified and very experienced which allows them to ensure we can cater for such a wide age range.

“There will be six instructors, three male and three female which will help both men and women feel comfortable attending classes. We have a lot of men attending our classes as the pole fitness is a real challenge” Miriam adds.

Renovate or relocate? 

Wolanski's Pole & Aerial Fitness now runs classes at the Grangemouth Business Centre for approximately 200 students per week, working in partnership with Stirling University. It is also open to the public and instructors offer private tutorials. Miriam launched her start-up business with us in 2012 and the business growth over the last five years means that she is now looking to expand the company further. Miriam explains:

When I first set up the start-up company I knew I needed a good quality open area with lots of free space and room to store all the equipment and the Grangemouth Business Centre fit the bill perfectly.

“With extending the range of skills from pole fitness to circus acrobatics, I’m currently deciding whether to renovate my current business unit and install aerial apparatus into Grangemouth Business Centre or move into new premises. Whichever option I take, I know I’ll definitely be staying with Bizspace.”

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