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03 October 2017

Handmade Tyneside breathes new life into salvaged wood

Handmade Tyneside is a “one-man band” designer and creator in Gateshead, creating lighting and homeware from wood that has all been salvaged from Tyneside and Northumberland. As a customer of ours, we are proud of the journey Jamie from Handmade Tyneside has been on and how our space has allowed him to grow his business. 

Wooden letters spelling the word 'love'

Inside Handmade Tyneside

Established in 2015, Handmade Tyneside built a reputation in the region for creating unique, handmade items that include:

  • wall lights inspired by Mexican culture but made with wood from Hexham
  • desk lamps made from Honduran wood that was salvaged in Washington
  • quirky beds for cats and dogs made from wood reclaimed in Gateshead, but that started life in California!

“I like the idea of old wood,” says Handmade Tyneside founder Jamie Rothwell, “I like the idea that it’s already experienced life. I decided early on never to make anything from new wood, there is so much wood available everywhere, that it makes sense, both environmentally and aesthetically to reuse it where you can.”

Jamie, who is not a wood-worker by trade, describes how he’s always been a ‘creator’, “I’m practically minded, I can much more easily knock up a table than writing an essay! I’ve always made things for my house, and in summer 2015 my neighbours started asking for things too.”

Jamie’s first commission came in August 2015, when he made a bench out of old palette wood for a neighbour, “It was about that time that I thought I had better find a place to work, because I was turning our garden into a salvaged wood graveyard.” 

Three wooden birds in flight in front of a map of the world

Cases of useful spaces

It was then that Jamie found Felling Business Centre, and things began to progress. “BizSpace came along at exactly the right time, I was getting more and more orders, but I needed a dedicated space to fulfil those orders.”

Two years since moving into his unit, Handmade Tyneside continues to grow.

“It’s a slow process, it’s still a part-time venture for me – I tend to focus work around the seasonal fares, so I do two markets in the summer and two at Christmas. Which means I spend two months a year or so sourcing wood, two months making and then 4 weekends selling in person. Everything else happens online. I have grown on social media from 10 to 5,000 fans in 18 months and it’s nice to get that immediate feedback on new products or even new ideas that I talk about online.”

What’s in store for handmade Tyneside?

“We’re at an interesting point where we need to sell more to grow and need the space to make more and store more stock. Thankfully BizSpace has all the facilities I need and over the last two years, they have constantly catered to my needs. It’s important to me that I continue to enjoy all the things I’m making and that I am able to test new ideas. So, watch this space to see the progression over the next few months.”

To see the products for yourself please check out the Handmade Tyneside website or can catch Jamie at St James Park Festive Fayre, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in November.

Here at BizSpace, we aim to make sure our services are completely tailored to your needs. There is a place for everyone to call home whether you’re a small business, accountant or even a student.


Grace Coleman

D2 Interactive