19 February 2013

How your office can affect your sales

A good sales pitch requires all the competitive advantages you can get, which is why readjusting your office could significantly improve your home advantage when it comes to getting a new client on board.

Many companies chose flexible working today as a way of keeping overheads down and remaining competitive on cost, but when it comes to making a sales pitch, there are certain elements of a flexible work style that just don’t cut it. You may feel comfortable working from home or at your local coffee house, when you’re meeting with clients, it may pay to have space in a commercial property.

Sean Stormes, a contributing writer at, said: “In sales, you’ll take any competitive advantage you can get, right? ”

He advises that in order to get a good start on a sales pitch, getting the right aura in the workspace is everything. You should make the company’s DNA clear for all to see, with ethos and mottos dotted around the workspace so the client knows what kind of a company you are.

Remember that company values should be felt, and presented across the organisation. From the warehouse to the boardroom, visitors should get a sense of professionalism and longevity when dealing with a business, so be wary to make all aspects of the company in spick-and-span condition.

Do you agree with Sean’s view or are commercial offices becoming a thing of the past?