13 December 2016

Is it the end of an era for the drink-fuelled Christmas do?

Many of us look forward to the work Christmas party – a chance to let our hair down, enjoy a few drinks… and maybe tell that manager what we really think of them.  But should we be thinking more sensibly when it comes to festive celebrations?

Health experts have recently advised that the traditional boozy Christmas party should become a thing of the past.

According to Alcohol Focus Scotland, Alcohol Concern and the British Liver Trust, the annual work festive do is damaging our health, as well as costing the economy in lost working hours and reduced productivity the following day, as revellers nurse their heads.  And for some of us, a hellish hangover could be the least of our worries as we wake up cringing at our antics the night before.

Drunken behaviour at the Christmas party can also impact on working relationships and even lead to people’s jobs being affected.

So what’s the alternative? Here are a few ideas for a non-traditional work party.  We’d love to hear about your own choices too.

1.       The panto

It’s not just for kids (oh no it isn’t!)

2.       Ten pin bowling

Who can resist a bit of friendly competition?

3.       Ice skating

A great way to get into the spirit of the season.  But maybe book a session with an instructor to avoid lost work time thanks to broken limbs.

4.       Go karting

It’s something memorable that everyone can enjoy.

5.       Go home early

Save the money that creates the hangover and just let everyone go home half a day early before Christmas.  It will avoid office politics too!


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