30 January 2014

Lewes open day to showcase services

An open day at our business centre in Lewes is being organised for Wednesday 5 February to showcase the variety of businesses based there.

An open day at our business centre in Lewes is being organised to showcase the variety of businesses based there.

The Mallings Business Centre, in Lewes, East Sussex, is opening its doors on Wednesday 5 February to prospective customers, local businesses and residents so they can find out more about the centre.

Business Centre Assistant Sarah Hutchings says:

We want to raise awareness of the services we have in the building. I don’t think many people in Lewes know what sort of companies we have got here, so we want to spread the word.

She says the open day will also be a useful opportunity for businesses within the centre to network with each other to create more of a sense of community.

Sarah adds: “It will be good for the new companies who have moved in as it will hopefully get them talking with other businesses.”

The open day will start at 10.30am and then there will be a series of 15-minute talks by customers of the centre.

Customer talks

After a brief welcome and introduction from centre staff, Mario Giordano will talk to visitors about his supply teaching firm Class Cover. He will then discuss another business he is involved in – Olmo, which offers customised bikes.

There will then be a change of pace from 11.30am when Corinne Ewan, from Rigpa, talks about the benefits of Tibetan Buddhist meditation.

Tania Lees, from Sussex Payroll Services, will talk about payroll, auto enrolment pension schemes and real time information. This will then be followed by a talk on accountancy by Wendy Buckwell, of Buckwell & Ridge.

The final talk by the Lewes centre’s in-house customers will be given by Katherine Perrin of 3VAS about support for the voluntary sector. Then at 12.30pm one of the centre’s virtual customers, Health Cheque, will let people know more about private medical insurance.

Ashley Price from Lewes Chamber of Commerce will finish the talks by discussing the benefits of being a member of the chamber.

Sarah says: “We have recently become a member of the chamber of commerce ourselves, so we thought it was something other people may be interested in too.”

Those attending the open day will then be welcome to stay for lunch and a chance to network with each other.

“In the afternoon, we will be opening up our available offices for prospective customers to look at and we can talk about the services we have to offer at the centre, like pay-as-you-go secretarial support,” explains Sarah.

We have such a diverse range of companies here so we are an ideal location for start-up businesses. We offer secretarial services and there are companies here which can help with accountancy, payroll and auto-enrolment.

“We have a lot to offer start-ups as we can help them get off the ground.”

Great range of facilities

The Mallings is the only dedicated business centre in Lewes and is made up of two distinct buildings. The first three-storey building includes:

The second single-story is made up a range of commercial units, which are perfect to use as offices or studios

To find out more about the open day or business centre, call Sarah Hutchings on 01273 897 300.