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10 March 2020

Meet Jake, Co-Director of Rococo Digital | BizFaces


“Digital marketing services are becoming more popular as the world progresses, but it still needs to be done right - and we believe this is what we have created.”

Meet Jake Boase, Co-Director of Rococo Digital. Based out of BizSpace Littlehampton, Rococo Digital works with clients to improve their business’s presence in the digital world through specialist marketing. 

The team creates all of their work in-house meaning they can oversee each project closely - a key aspect of their bespoke business model and a major differentiator from their competitors.

Since inception, Rococo has worked with local clients, but it’s an exciting time for the West Sussex-based company as their services have recently been commissioned by their first big-name brand.

Read on to find out who...

Hi Jake, tell us about yourself

Well, aside from work, I am a huge Liverpool FC fan (so this year has been great for me). I’m also an animal lover and have a massive passion for mental health campaigning. My message is to not be ashamed of suffering from any form of mental health issue, and there is help available, especially from opening up to friends and family.

Tell me about your business

I love what I do - helping other people's business dreams come to fruition. It motivates my business partner, Matt Jones, the team and myself to keep doing what we all love. We’re a digital marketing agency with a twist: going beyond digital to offer quality print also. Our in-house team of specialists provide everything from web design and social media management to SEO and pay-per-click. 

When did your business begin?

Three years ago. We identified a gap in the market and tackled it by making all of our clients feel like our only clients, so that’s what we have used as our bespoke service model. Digital marketing services are becoming more popular as the world progresses, but it still needs to be done right - and we believe this is what we have created. 

What sets your business apart from the others?

Our personality as a business and how we approach things with honesty at all times. We like to build very close working relationships with our clients and radiate their passion to help their business succeed.

Tell us about your early business challenges

The digital marketing sector is overcrowded, meaning we had to stick exactly to our business plan from the start. This was a lengthy process, but we succeeded in the end!

Also, on a personal level, I was suffering with severe anxiety which could be difficult to manage. Fortunately, my business partner, Matt, is extremely understanding, and so are the team we have around us. 

Name a recent success at Rococo Digital

Our most recent success is making a new website with Sindy Dolls for their Collectors Club Edition. This is something we are all extremely proud of: to be the web designers of a global brand is a goal we never expected to achieve so soon. We have more big news coming soon but can’t reveal that just yet!

What’s next?

Our plan is to expand on what we’ve already built. We are introducing some amazing new wares which will be groundbreaking for our services and customers. We’re also looking to expand our team and are very excited about it.

How long have you been with BizSpace?

Around a year and a half - we moved in as soon as the centre opened in Littlehampton. My Mum was actually the BizSpace Centre Manager at the time… thanks, Mum!

And why did you choose BizSpace?

The main reason is the modern feel that the building has, combined with the BizSpace vision. The people here are also fantastic and definitely make coming into work on Monday that bit easier! The first thing you do is look inbound before going outside - I've had clients from here and I've used people’s services from here too, it’s like a little family.

The takeaway?

Since co-starting his own business three years ago, Jake is in a great position to advise those who are considering taking the plunge. So, what’s his advice for aspiring marketing agency owners?

  • Always make a business plan

No matter how you are feeling, or the thoughts you have on changing your mind during the building process, never change your business plan. You created it like that for a reason - fine-tuning may be on the cards but definitely stick with the core of the plan.

  • Customer service

You have to keep your clients happy, it’s crucial in any business. It doesn’t matter how good you are, if your clients are unhappy then you will likely lose their business and gain a bad reputation.

  • Keep employees happy

We always wanted to create an atmosphere in which people wanted to work, because if they enjoy coming to work, then their production levels will be up. Be leaders, not bosses.

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