19 January 2018

Meet our Amazing Spaces star Stu-Art Aviation

Stu Art Aviation Furniture is a “one-man band” designer and creator in our Felling Business Centre, deconstructing, recycling and redesigning aircraft parts into delectable, high-end furniture. As a customer of ours, we are proud of the journey Stu Abbott from Stu Art Aviation has been on and how our space has allowed him to grow his business. 

Based in his old garage with no electricity, Stu established his hobby into a successful, growing business over five years ago.

“My drive and hunger for each day doesn't fade as its almost a 24/7 business. I wake up to several emails and requests from all over the world. Once these have been replied to, I hit the workshop and get down to business, designing and building all of my furniture. Each piece is completely individual and I need to be as creative as possible when making the parts, for example a classic car that is deconstructed then turned into a bespoke table or wall clock.”

Television Exposure

Within the past five years, the business has been recognised by the likes of Channel 4, providing even greater exposure and opportunities for the creator.

“One of my greatest achievements is the summerhouse project I created for a client that is set to appear on Channel 4 'George Clarkes Amazing Spaces.”

“A client came to me around a year ago, asking if I could build him a Summerhouse from an old aircraft cockpit section. We agreed to do it for a small cost and then George Clarke became involved.  The project airs on the 25th January 2018, and I am excited for everyone to see one of the hardest, most challenging, but exciting projects I have ever taken part in. I had to push my engineering skills to the limit and what we achieved is unbelievable!”

Since working on Amazing Spaces, Stu has now been recognised by other famous UK broadcasters including the BBC. “I am also set to film another top-secret project for Amazing Spaces that airs at the end of the series, along with filming for a brand-new daytime BBC TV programme, where I will continue to create and develop my engineering skills but…. It’s a secret for now!”

To see the products for yourself, please check out his website or you can catch Stu on George Clarke's Amazing spaces, Channel 4, on 25th January at 8 pm.

Putting his business on the map

So aside from taking over our TV screens, we can expect to see a lot more over the next 12 months as he plans to put his business on the map on a global scale. “I'm exporting worldwide now and the recognition for being the best in Europe is starting to sink in. But, along with that comes expectation so I have to push harder, work harder and be a more streamlined business.”

Expanding with BizSpace 

Going back to its roots, Stu came to BizSpace looking for his first workshop and over the years, as the business has grown, we have helped Stu expand his space too.

“Bizspace has helped my business no end. They gave me my first lease on my first workshop and then allowed me to move into a bigger premise on site to allow expansion. Recently, BizSpace has refurbished a 3,000 sq ft property on our site, and allowed me to be the best in Europe with a facility to match, by agreeing to the lease for this.”

Here at BizSpace, we aim to make sure our services are completely tailored to your needs. There is a place for everyone to call home whether you’re a small business, accountant or even a student.