27 April 2016

New daycare centre to cheer lonely dogs

A daycare centre for dogs is opening at our Roden House Business Centre in Nottingham, to stamp out the loneliness dogs feel when left home alone.

A new business offering daycare for dogs is opening at our Roden House Business Centre in Nottingham.

Natural Edge Canine Wellbeing Centre is launching on 1st May 2016. Dogs will be able to go to the centre while their owner is at work, to spend time with other canines and get the exercise, care and stimulation they need.

Natural Edge is the brainchild of Mags Lowish, a 32-year-old dog lover with a degree in animal science.

She says: “We are providing a pack environment for dogs. They will get mental and physical interaction and exercise while their owners are at work or out. We are working to stamp out the loneliness that dogs feel when left alone at home.”

Mags came up with the idea when her own dog developed depression when she switched to a job where she couldn’t take her to work with her.

She comments: “It is a massive problem as people are spending long hours at work. You can get a dog walker but that is usually just for an hour a day.

“It’s not natural for dogs to be left by themselves, they are sociable animals. Owners love their dogs and they want them to be happy but there aren't a lot of options available.”

Large space with room to exercise and relax

The centre is in based in a large unit at our Roden House Business Centre and will provide 5,000 sq ft of secure indoor space, which is divided into socialisation, relaxation and exercise areas.

Mags is working with a business partner, Carlton Ellis, who has developed an innovative app which will allow owners to book their pets into the centre in seconds, without having to ring up to find out about availability.

Owners will become members of the centre and will choose a monthly package, depending on how much care their dogs need. Initially, the centre will have 50 dogs on roll and will be able to look after around 20 pets at any one time.

Mags has been working on developing Natural Edge for the last year and has held a number of trials. She said that after just a few days of being looked after with other dogs, the animals seemed happier and more relaxed.

“It massively improves the dog’s behaviour. There are a lot of behavioural problems which stem from dogs being left alone, like scratching and chewing,” she explains.

“Using the centre solves all that and because the dog has spent all day running around, the owner will come home to a calm and happy dog so they will get more quality time together.”

Mags is already planning to add more features to the centre and will be introducing a splash pool for dogs to play in. She also wants to offer bathing and grooming services in the near future.

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