03 March 2022

Newcastle attracts big businesses looking for a long-term home

Wealth management firm, Tilney Smith & Williamson, recently signed a deal for an expanded Newcastle office, in a move that demonstrates its commitment to a physical office space, and serves as a reminder of Newcastle’s appeal as a business destination. Likewise, Aspire Technology Solutions is investing in a new state-of-the-art-office in Newcastle, secured on a 12-year lease.

Newcastle is an increasingly popular location for businesses like Tilney Smith & Williamson - and big corporates are looking to take up long-term residence. The city centre is home to nearly 8,000 businesses, and this number has exponentially increased over the last decade. Newcastle offers major advantages as a UK base for global businesses, including world-class universities, access to a labour market of over a million people, ultra-fast broadband networks, excellent transport connections and an enviable quality of life for staff.

Occupier demands on office space in Newcastle are high, as demonstrated by Aspire Technology Solutions, which has hired an award-winning architect to design a unique workspace. Offices must be modern, thoughtfully designed and attractive enough to draw workers away from their desks at home. For larger, more established businesses, the design and overall ‘vibe’ of their office space is paramount. Space must be appropriate for all modes of work: open office space for collaboration, enclosed cubicles, private meeting facilities, conference areas, and now more importantly than ever, recreational and wellbeing facilities.

With such a long list of requirements, choosing an office location and layout is a big commitment for large businesses, which are less able to move around from office to office if the space isn’t quite right. Large numbers of staff and huge quantities of equipment make moving an onerous and costly task, one that is likely to disrupt employees and productivity.

It is not surprising, then, that when the office space is right, big businesses prefer longer leases, rather than a short-term, flexible model. For big businesses looking for a new home in Newcastle, BizSpace Newcastle Amber Court is ideal, with large contemporary office spaces available on long-term lease. This business centre provides fantastic communal breakout areas and shared spaces for informal meetings, as well as free parking and shower facilities - perfect for active commuters. The building has even been designed to maximise natural light.

The building also offers a picturesque riverside location and is perfectly placed in Newcastle Business Park, just a 30-minute walk from the bustling city centre.

At BizSpace, we understand that, when it comes to office space, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and we are proud of our ability to cater for all companies, whatever their size. Smaller companies and start-ups thrive on flexibility, secure in the knowledge they can grow or shrink their physical space as needed. But larger businesses require the stability of longer leases, like those available at BizSpace Newcastle Amber Court, and office space that is curated for them, to suit their needs and those of their workforce.

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