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Attend the world’s first Mobile, Pop-Up, Drive-In Comedy Club

BizSpace, in partnership with award-winning comedian Tom Binns, is bringing a brand new type of comedy show to a car park near you. Be one of the 40 cars parking just metres from the Bus Stop Arena Tour stage and from 7.30pm, enjoy three acts of fun. Discover the tour dates, BizSpace locations and line-up.

20 Jul 20

New Face at BizSpace | Notts LGBT+ Network

We’ve got a New Face at BizSpace! Last month we welcomed Notts LGBT+ Network as our first customer at our brand new Nottingham Park Row centre.

15 Jul 20

Lockdown's positive impact on the environment and employee health, and what your business can do to continue this post-pandemic

Businesses changing the way they work after lockdown could unlock employee health and environmental benefits. New research conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic strongly suggests that the way we work directly impacts how the planet works, with businesses temporarily filtering out of the city directly attributing to better health and a boost to the environment. Would we see the same benefits if larger businesses began moving away from their city centre head office permanently?

15 Jul 20

BizSpace webinar | The Future of Business: COVID-Safe Working

As the country gradually re-opens for business, we hosted a special session to answer your questions on what constitutes a ‘safe’ workplace and how to implement the current Government guidelines effectively. How does social distancing work in an office versus a workshop? Where does the responsibility lie in maintaining a safe workspace? What if employees don’t want to come back? How do you maintain a positive working culture in this new, distanced environment?

03 Jul 20

The ‘Hub and Spoke’ office model explained, plus its benefits for larger businesses

Here’s a look into how exactly the ‘hub and spoke’ workspace model can benefit your business. In the world of commercial property, ‘hub and spoke’ refers to a more flexible workspace and working style. As opposed to the more traditional headquarters model - in which a business operates from a single, larger city centre head office - ‘hub and spoke’ offices allow employees to work from either their city hub or a dedicated, strategic spoke location, including more regional workspaces.

01 Jul 20

The state of male mental health | Men’s Health Week 2020

Men’s Health Week raises awareness of particular health issues that disproportionately affect men and encourages men to seek regular medical advice. We think the discussion of men’s mental health and how it relates to work is as important as ever during this challenging time. We asked one of BizSpace’s Mental Health First Aiders, Travis Brown, to share with us why he is passionate about men’s mental health and the reasons he became a Mental Health First Aider at BizSpace.

18 Jun 20

Remote teams are part of the new normal: here’s how you can manage them

The coronavirus pandemic has meant that teams who might normally work together in an office have been forced to operate remotely. This has brought new challenges for everyone, but particularly for business owners and leaders who have had to adapt to managing people spread across disparate locations. But with careful thought, these challenges can be overcome.

04 Jun 20

Meet Ben, Managing Director and Principal Engineer at Epiphany Engineering | BizFaces

Meet Ben Hillard, Managing Director and Principal Engineer at Epiphany Engineering. As well as engineering design consultancy, Ben is passionate about surfing, Martial Arts and Salsa. Discover more about what makes Ben’s business buzz in the interview we had with him back in February at our Littlehampton centre.

29 May 20

Preparing for a safe return to the workplace during COVID-19

Society is now accepting that social distancing is likely to play a large part in the foreseeable future. It’s vital that, as the nation begins to filter back into workplaces, businesses are preparing to take new measures to ensure the safety of their employees and visitors. Here is a summary of recommended measures to ensure your workplace is COVID-19 secure.

18 May 20