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Business Development: How to Grow Your Business

How can you grow your business with a limited budget and workforce? This comprehensive guide covers a range of processes that will help you along the way.

21 Jul 19

BizSpace brings coworking to Solihull and Gloucester

BizSpace, the UK’s largest provider of flexible workspace, is set to launch a co-working offer at its business centres in Solihull and Gloucester next month.

08 Jul 19

Finding a Small Industrial Unit or Workshop to Rent

Business on the move? Want to get out of the garage and into a small workshop or industrial unit to rent? Let us help check those boxes and open the doors to your new workplace.

20 May 19

Do You Need Business Insurance When You're Based in a Coworking Office?

Check out Bizspace's breakdown of the various types of insurance you might consider for your small business in a co-working space.

12 May 19

Renting an Industrial Unit on a Budget

Discover how much a commercial property costs, what affects the price and where you can find a cheap industrial unit using BizSpace's handy guide.

09 May 19

Making Rented Office Space Your Own – Getting the Most Out of Your Workspace

Make your rented office space your own by adding a touch of character and brand identity. At BizSpace, we can find your ideal office space today.

24 Apr 19

Design Works gives away more than just chocolate eggs this Easter

For Easter this year, Design Works will run a golden ticket giveaway for one lucky winner.

11 Apr 19

Career tips for new mothers: Finding flexible work or becoming your own boss

Whether you want advice on how to ease yourself back into work, or start afresh with your own business, we’ve got you covered.

29 Mar 19