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New Face at BizSpace: Nick Snow Design

Nick Snow is an Interior Designer and Stylist, and his business combines the wealth of experience and knowledge Nick has in his field – from designing residential and commercial spaces to styling for well-known magazines, and from styling top broadcasting makeover shows to teaching Interior Styling online for the University of Arts London. Nick Snow Design joined BizSpace Fareham in August 2020.

28 Oct 20

'Hope' when we need it most - Northampton Hope Centre helps the hungry during the pandemic

BizSpace customers in Northampton are providing ‘Hope’ to those in poverty and in need of food throughout the pandemic. Northampton Hope Centre is a charity dedicated to helping tackle poverty and homelessness in the Northampton area. The pop-up shop – which sells significantly discounted food to those who need it most in the community – has now been turned into a distribution centre for food donations and deliveries to those most vulnerable during the pandemic.

13 Oct 20

New Face at BizSpace: Trafford Veterans, Altrincham

In May 2015, Royal Navy veteran Claire Wright and Army veteran Chris Squires established Trafford Veterans, a group dedicated to holding peer support activities in Trafford. Before their formation, the local community of Armed Forces and emergency service veterans and their families had no peer-organised, dedicated support in their area. Now, Trafford’s veterans have access to information, advice and guidance, as well as a safe space at BizSpace Altrincham to call into and join like-minded individuals who have also served.

28 Sep 20

What is the key to happiness at work? We asked for 5 insights from BizSpacers this International Week of Happiness at Work

2020 has been a rocky road for workers across the UK. Thanks to COVID-19, there are a wide range of unforeseen situations to contend with – from a national lockdown and the mass-adoption of remote working to the threat of redundancy and the introduction of furlough schemes. At times like this, society needs to evolve with the times to maintain wellbeing and mental health. That’s why this International Week of Happiness at Work we decided to ask our very own BizSpacers what their key to happiness at work is.

25 Sep 20

The Future of Work: Is the city dying?

Last week, an article in the Financial Times titled 'Bosses predict permanent shift in working and an evolution for cities' explored the future of work in cities and whether COVID-19 and the mass adoption of home-working has destroyed city working for good. Is home-working here to stay? How will the office change and will we need so many? And are big cities in danger? Khalid Aziz, Marketing Director at BizSpace, responds.

23 Sep 20

The rise in start-ups during the coronavirus lockdown

Despite the coronavirus lockdown, June 2020 was a record-breaking month for new business creation in the UK, with entrepreneurs forming a total of 77,574 new start-up companies (a year-on-year increase of 47%). We’ve also seen a spike in demand for office space from newly formed businesses. Join us as we unpack some of the reasons behind the increased numbers of start-ups being formed across the UK. We’ll also share top tips on what it takes to become a successful start-up based on our chats with a career coach who launched his business during the lockdown and is helping others to do the same.

18 Sep 20

How to communicate between satellite offices

Satellite offices are becoming an increasingly common phenomenon. Whilst there are plenty of benefits to regionally distributed setups and the hub and spoke office model, organising effective communication between offices can be challenging without the right approach. This BizSpace guide offers some top tips on how to communicate effectively between satellite offices. Beginning with a section on organising your people and processes, we’ll move on to explore remote communication and how you can encourage cross-office collaboration.

11 Sep 20

New Face at BizSpace: The Rainbow Hub, Swindon

After over 20 years as a Support Worker, Anita Wellsteed recently decided to take the plunge and start her own not-for-profit organisation, The Rainbow Hub, supporting disabled adults and children in Swindon. Anita has chosen BizSpace Swindon to create her safe and secure space, where she says “people with additional needs can visit and find a pot of gold at the end of their rainbow.” Learn more about The Rainbow Hub here.

04 Sep 20

What is it like to work in a satellite office?

As hub and spoke offices increase in popularity and FTSE 100 firms look to adopt decentralised workplace models, many of our customers have been asking us what it’s actually like to work in a satellite office. Join us while we explore what these setups are like for employees and what employers can do to offer the best experience.

27 Aug 20