13 December 2016

Put a cap on the extra kcal this Christmas

With all the fun and excitement that the festive season brings, it’s easy to slip out of our regular routines and find ourselves accepting more and more tempting treats, ‘just because it’s Christmas!’  A little indulgence never did anyone any harm, but if you’re determined to keep off the extra calories this year, here are a few tips to make sure you stay on Santa’s ‘good list’.

1. Prepare for the party

Even if it isn’t your role to decide on plans for the work Christmas do, you can still have an input.  Office Christmas parties are a nightmare for the waistline, with food and drink flowing and colleagues encouraging you to have just that one more white wine (or Jagerbomb!).  This year, why not suggest an alternative celebration, minus the indulgences.  How about a theatre visit, go-karting or an experience day that will bring the team together while you all try something new.


2. Keep set times for socialising

With the party season in full swing, we can find ourselves accepting more invitations than normal to lunches and after-work get togethers with friends or colleagues.  It’s great to catch up, but set yourself limits for when you’ll be drinking, or saying yes to dessert, to stop your weekly intake creeping up.  If people know you’ll only be sharing a bottle with them if it’s a Friday evening, they’ll be less likely to try and twist your arm at other times.


3. Balance out your calorie intake

If you know you have events in the calendar that will involve swapping your normal salad for a delicious festive spread, plan ahead to minimise the impact of these by adding extra exercise sessions to your schedule.  If you’re a gym member, book in for a new class you wouldn’t normally attend.  Or simply wrap up warmer to take a walk into work rather than relying on the car.


4. Get active at work

There are lots of small steps you can take to use up more calories during your working day.  Take the stairs instead of the lift.  Make it a rule to take a walk every lunch break instead of sitting at your desk.  Be the person to volunteer to make drinks or collect the post.  Any extra activity you can do during your day will bring benefits.


5. Be strict with gifts

If you have a Secret Santa at work, make it known that you don’t want alcohol, chocolates or other high calorie goodies.  If you do receive such presents from well-wishing customers or clients, why not brighten someone else’s day by passing them on, or even get together with colleagues or neighbouring businesses to raffle off unwanted gifts and raise money for charity.


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