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28 November 2017

River 2 Reef: why you should follow your passion

A customer who defines our core value, passion, has turned his love for marine life into a thriving aquatic business. Davy Carr took the leap and recently opened River 2 Reef at our Victoria Industrial Estate, Hebburn. As a customer of ours, we are proud of the journey Davy has been on and how our space has allowed him to grow his business. 


Man scuba diving, looking at the camera

We spoke with Davy to learn more about his passion, his drive and his hopes for the future.

Hi Davy! We would love to hear more about your passion and how this has been translated into a business. 

Well, my main hobby over the years has been scuba diving, which has taken me to some beautiful places across the world and shown me how wonderful and spectacular beneath the water really is. I felt privileged and something clicked - most people don’t get to see this and I kept thinking I would love to show people just what they’re missing. I thought that I could be the one who encourages them to start the hobby of keeping either tropical or marine fish or even take up scuba diving, as I learnt from a great local scuba club called Sunderland Scuba Centre.

What an amazing idea to bring the beauty of sea life into a shop for others to see. So, in terms of your business what advice would you give to anyone starting their own company?

Anyone looking to start out and invest in their own business I would just say go for it, as if you don’t you will always wonder what if? It’s hard being your own boss and definitely not as easy as people think, but much more rewarding than working for someone else. I’ve also had my own construction company for 15 years now and never looked back in starting that. 

So other than your passion for marine life, what motivates you to get of out of bed in the morning?

The motivation all comes from my two sons, as I want to show them that if they want anything in life they just have a go out there and get it. If you’re willing to put in the hard work, the time and effort to your idea, you can achieve anything. They’ve been through a tough four years after losing their mother, my wife, with a sudden illness, and if this helps to give me back some kind of normality and to their lives then it’s all worth the effort. 

That’s amazing what you are doing for them. Looking to the future what do you hope to achieve from your shop and how have BizSpace helped you?

My main goals for the business are to eventually open another shop or shops and be able to employ local people. BizSpace has helped by supplying the unit which is ideal for my business. I was after premises at short notice and BizSpace turned the unit around really quickly so I could move in as soon as possible.

Lisa Taylor has been on hand when I’ve needed any questions answered or any advice. They are all very professional and I’d defiantly recommend BizSpace to anyone looking to start up or move premises.

To immerse yourself within the beauty of the ocean for yourself you can visit River 2 Reef at Victoria Industrial Estate, Victoria Road West, Tyne & Wear, NE31 1UB and for more information, you can visit their Facebook page or email Davy.

Here at BizSpace, we aim to make sure our services are completely tailored to your needs. There is a place for everyone to call home whether you’re a small business or you want to turn a hobby into a career, we aim to support everyone’s dreams.


Grace Coleman