06 April 2016

Roll up, roll up, for the most magical circus of all

We're supporting Circus Starr, a circus dedicated to helping vulnerable children and their families enjoy the majic of the big top.

At Bizspace we’re all for sharing good fun – in fact, it’s one of our five core values – which is why we’re delighted to lend our support to a very special circus.

Known as ‘the circus with a purpose’, Circus Starr is dedicated to helping vulnerable children and their families enjoy the magic of the big top. To help it in its mission, we’ve donated tickets for eight shows on the big top’s spring tour, in locations close to some of our business centres in: 

  • Stoke
  • Stockport
  • Sheffield
  • Huddersfield
  • Middlesbrough
  • Newcastle
  • Northampton

Dependent on generosity

Circus Starr relies on the generosity of businesses local to the stops on its tours and it allocates the tickets to deserving children and their families via community groups.

When we heard about the initiative, we were only too pleased to help. It fits right in with our commitment to improving the areas local to our business centres and the lives of those living nearby, by supporting events, charities and sports teams.

Neville Wilson, one of Circus Starr’s directors, comments: “We’re really grateful to Bizspace and all our sponsors who help us make a difference to young people and their families. We work hard to put on a spectacular and unforgettable show and it’s down to local businesses to help as many people as possible enjoy the magic of the big top.”

Now in its 29th year, Circus Starr’s world-class performers are preparing for its spring tour, taking in 75 stops throughout the UK, which kicks off on 23rd April 2016.

International talent

The troupe of artistes includes:

  • internationally acclaimed Mexican clown, Chico Rico
  • the gravity defying El Moussati troupe with their jaw-dropping act on the “Wheel of Death”
  • the acrobatic high jinks of the Serik brothers on Chinese pole and straps, back by popular demand
  • the captivating balance and dexterity of Las Chicas Morales on Rolling Globes and
  • aerial contortionist Romy Bauer, with his enchanting act performed in a suspended giant globe high in the Big Top.

Last year, Circus Starr was awarded a National Autistic Society Professional Award for Best New Technological Innovation for the Nesta funded Show and Tell mobile app – which helps prepare children with autism for a trip to the Big Top show.  

Bizspace’s Sales and Marketing director, Emma Long, says: “Circus Starr is such a unique project and we’re proud to lend a hand to something which brings enjoyment to so many families.

“The magic of the circus is something that many people remember from their childhood, and Circus Starr helps ensure that vulnerable young people and their loved ones get to experience the unique acts and entertainment first hand.”

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