21 February 2013

Saatchi Gallery plans digital artwork showcase in London offices

The presence of artwork in offices has often been seen as an easy way of boosting staff morale and the overall workplace atmosphere. It can also help create dynamism to anyone visiting the workplace. The world-renowned creatives behind the Saatchi Gallery are taking this one step further and showcasing some of their artwork via digital signs installed in offices.

Screening artwork in offices

The Metro reports that the gallery is set to open up a series of new collections to offices that currently have ECNlive screens installed. These screens are traditionally used to stream up-to-the-minute news services, company announcements and occasionally advertisements.

This art work to be displayed on the screens will come from two of the current exhibitions open at the venue, with these collections showcasing some of the finest new art to come out of Russia. It is hoped that the new initiative will encourage more of those employees working in London offices to head out in search of a spot of culture – something the gallery can offer in spades.

A Metro spokesperson explained: “The idea is to encourage different sorts of audiences into the gallery. By seeing a digital image they might feel inspired to then see it for real.”

Project reach

The new initiative is set to reach a large proportion of office workers operating in the capital with as many as 400,000 employee sexpected to view the new displays over the next few weeks.

With over 100 different commercial premises due to benefit from the scheme, with as many as 400,000 employees expected to view the displays over the next few weeks.

The idea certainly has the potential to generate copycats – provided it proves popular with workers.

With so much to consider though, choosing the right kind of artwork remains essential.

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