16 October 2013

Simple ways to save energy in the workplace

Now that the nights are getting dark and the cold is drawing in, here are some simple - and free - ways you can reduce your energy bill at work.

Responsible business owners need to look at ways to save energy, not only to cut costs but to reduce their company’s carbon footprint.

Establishing a green office is about more than just recycling your waste and encouraging your staff to walk to work. Now that the darker nights are approaching and there is a chill in the air, there are a range of simple things you can do that will reduce your energy bill without costing you money.

Turn your heating down

No one is suggesting you make your staff work in frosty conditions, but there is no need to crank the heating up. Experts recommend office temperature be set to a comfortable 19C.If your heating is too high, staff will likely open windows to cool down or turn on the air conditioning. 

Making sure your heating is at the right level can save you money and reduce the amount of energy you use. We also suggest setting your heating so it does not come on when there is no one in your unit to benefit.

Close your doors and windows

Encourage staff to keep doors and windows shut during the colder months. This will keep the heat in and the cold air out.

Only heat the areas you need to

Make sure you only heat the areas of your work environment which are in use and adjust your timer controls to make sure you are not wasting money paying for heating at times when the building is empty.

Keep radiators clear

Don’t put furniture or other obstructions in front of radiators as this will stop the heat effectively circulating around the space.

Use lights sensibly

Make as much use of natural daylight as possible and encourage everyone to turn lights off when rooms are not being used. The amount of energy wasted by the average office overnight is enough to heat water for 1,000 cups of tea. 

We have introduced lighting sensors in many of our business centres, which helps to prevent lights being left on unnecessarily, but our customers can still do their bit. Having timer switches in your office or unit can be an effective way of reducing the amount of money you spend on lighting.

Choose energy efficient bulbs

Make a conscious decision to choose bulbs which last longer and use less energy. Slim line fluorescent tubes use 25% less electricity than older tubes while compact fluorescent bulbs use 80% less energy than a tungsten bulb and less ten times longer.  LED lighting can also be a wise investment for industrial property which needs lighting at most times of the day and night.

Make sure everyone shuts down

Make sure your staff shut down their computers properly before they leave for the day. It saves energy and stops your office equipment overheating. Plus don't forget any other appliances such as printers and photocopiers. Turn them off at the plug socket to avoid equipment being left on standby.

Equipment that is left on stand-by still uses 70% of the amount of energy needed when its in use. Even encouraging staff to turn off their monitors when they go on their lunch breaks can help reduce your workplace’s energy consumption.

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