21 January 2013

Snow stopping you getting to work? Join us for free

Staff who face long commutes to their workplaces are being offered a free lifeline to avoid dangerous or time-consuming journeys through the snow.

We are offering free use of workspace at any of our sites throughout England and Scotland to anyone whose journey to work has been blighted by snow.

With the wintery weather set to continue this week many remote regional workers may effectively become cut off from their place of business.

Sales and marketing director at Bizspace, Emma Long, commented: “Snow can cause problems for businesses of all sizes who are faced with staff that can’t make it into the office.  Because of Bizspace’s wide spread of sites across the country, we can be ideally placed for staff to be able to make a short trip to access professional facilities and catch up with important work, without the worry of hazardous motorway journeys or unreliable public transport.

“We will be offering our facilities free of charge to anyone whose normal journey to work has been prevented by snow, to help as many companies of possible keep up business as usual.”

For more information on this offer, or to book a place, call Hannah Goodall on 0845 450 9104.

You can search online to find your nearest Bizspace centre.