01 March 2013

Tips on how to improve your office environment

A good office environment is not only important for staff, but it also acts as a projection of the company itself. An office space is often the first thing clients see when they are doing business with you and it can also act as a lure for potential staff, which is why keeping it in good shape is of uttermost importance.

Here are five things you you should think about in terms of your office design, with facts courtesy of the Metro.

Better out than in

Humans are naturally drawn to the outdoors. The sun keeps our circadian rhythm in check and makes us feel better, which means it isn’t natural for us to be inside at all. Fresh air and plants also help improve our concentration.

Tip: Try to attract as much natural light into the office as possible, and even add plants and wildlife, which are known to improve worker morale.

A well lit office ‘improves morale’

One in three workers are unhappy with the lack of daylight in the office, and good exposure to natural light has been proved to increase productivity. Considering the average worker spends almost six hours a day (five hours 41 minutes) sat at their desk, this could be hampering the work that gets done.

Tip: Encourage workers to get out and about at lunch or at least step away from their desk. An hour out of the office will increase productivity levels overall.

Temperature is key

Office temperature can be a real bugbear for workers, and it can adversely affect the mood of the office if the right levels aren’t met. Raising office temperatures from 20 degrees to 25 degrees can increase staff errors by 44%. Plus 55% of British office workers claim to be unhappy about the temperature in their office.

Tip: Make sure that you keep the office nice and cool in the summer and warm and comfortable in the winter. If you aren’t sure of how to control temperature levels, it is certainly in your interest to find out.

Posture is key

Some 65% of workers say they would improve their performance if their offices were made more comfortable. Considering that a vast proportion of the working day is spent sitting at a desk, it is crucially important that you have the right posture – both health and safety and morale.

Tip: Look into orthopedic solutions for the workplace, using the right chairs and workspaces which could significantly improve staff morale.

Wind down

The most important aspect of working a 9-5 job is your ability to wind down after work and switch off. The average Briton spends 9 hours a day looking at a computer, tablet, phone and television screens, which amounts to 30 years of their adult life!

With 2/5 office workers admitting to suffering ‘dangerously high’ levels of stress, the ability to wind down after a hard day in the office is paramount.