07 February 2014

Transforming your business space

Inspirational case study of how a young Nottingham entrepreneur expanded his business and transformed his unit to a purpose-built studio

A drummer-turned-entrepreneur chose a “blank canvas” to create a recording studio at our centre in Nottingham.

Jack Bennett moved into a 1,600 square foot unit at Roden House, Nottingham, back in May 2012. He then spent the next seven months transforming the empty space, with the help of his friends, to use it as a recording studio.

The 26-year-old was working as a session drummer when he realised his real passion lay in the production side of the music business.

He says: “From working in studios with various different artists, I found I was more interested in what was happening on the other side of the glass.”

Jack began working from home but as his company, BSV Studios, grew, he realised he needed proper business premises. He says:

When you want to expand, you need the premises to make it look professional. I needed a purpose-built area which I could design myself.

Jack chose the unit at our Roden House business centre because it was an open, empty room which he could change to meet his needs.

He adds: “I did everything from scratch – acoustically treating it and soundproofing it. I now have a live room where bands rehearse and a control room where the recording and mixing takes place.”

Low rent and central location

Roden House also fitted the bill due to its affordable rents and convenient location.

Jack says: “When you’re setting up a business, the outgoings are the overriding factor. The unit was a great size and the location is literally a five minute walk from the city centre.

“There is also a really nice feel to the area – it’s quite bohemian, which I like.”

BSV Studios opened its doors in January 2013 and recently celebrated its first year of trading. Jack says: 

It’s been going really well. I started off small with one band a week rehearsing here. Now I am covering costs and making a bit of profit too. The recording and mixing side is picking up and I think this next year is going to be really exciting.

And he said he would recommend our business centres for other start-ups, adding: “It can feel quite daunting setting up a business on your own. This was totally out of my comfort zone but I’ve had a great experience.”

Roden House Business Centre is a former Victorian lace factory and warehouse which has been converted into 53 business units including offices, studios and workshops. You can access the centre 24 hours a day and it is monitored by CCTV for security purposes. Roden House also offers a mailbox service for businesses which need a professional address.

To find out more, contact Business Centre Manager Jamie Douglas on telephone 0115 959 8808.

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