25 September 2020

What is the key to happiness at work? We asked for 5 insights from BizSpacers this International Week of Happiness at Work

2020 has been a rocky road for workers across the UK. Thanks to COVID-19, there are a wide range of unforeseen situations to contend with – from a national lockdown and the mass-adoption of remote working to the threat of redundancy and the introduction of furlough schemes.

It’s not been an easy work year for anyone, no matter their sector or role. At times like this, society needs to evolve with the times (especially if their approach to work has changed) to maintain wellbeing and mental health.

That’s why this International Week of Happiness at Work (21-27 September 2020) we decided to ask our very own BizSpacers what their key to happiness at work is.

Of those who came forward, we chose five employees – one for each day of the workweek – from different departments to give their insights on what allows them to enjoy their days at work. Here’s what they had to say.

Day 1: Tahnaya Fir, Commercial Analyst

"I feel that being challenged by your work, plus the people and culture of the business, each play a major part in job satisfaction. That’s what keeps me happy at BizSpace! It’s a very friendly and collaborative workplace."

Day 2: Richard Stivaros, Asset Manager - North West

"Workplace happiness comes down to trust, respecting the opinions and experiences of others and enjoying your work. My team’s work is diverse and I never have the same tasks day-to-day. Variety is the spice of life after all (apart from business rates, which are completely dull but very important). Just remember that work-life balance will always be important, and working all hours isn’t sustainable – burn out will never lead you to the Promised Land!"

Day 3: Emma Long, Managing Director North

"I have a constant will to improve myself and a continued passion for the work that goes on at BizSpace. From this, I can tell you that one key to happiness at work is to make sure you enjoy the work you do – it sounds simple enough, but so many people stick with a job they don’t like doing. Other key factors for workplace happiness are waking up in the morning thinking it will be a great day – it will be! – and making sure you surround yourself with like-minded people so you can have fun."

Day 4: Gordon Staines, Business Centre Manager at BizSpace Poole

"Freedom, autonomy and real culture values are just some of the things that keep me happy at work. BizSpace trusts me to get on with my job so that I can focus on the customers in my business centre, but help and assistance is always available from every single person in the company! Also believing in the product or service you provide and knowing you make a difference is a huge happiness-booster: just give it your all and reap the benefits at the end of the day."

Day 5: Jen Latimer, Senior Marketing Executive

"I think what keeps me happy at work is having a great team with mutual respect for each other. At BizSpace, working with people who are there 100% when it comes to collaboration but can also work with independence creates a space of productivity, comfort and trust. It’s all about owning your strengths, being honest when you need support and always being ready to learn!"

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Jen Latimer