20 May 2013

Why workplace learning is a smart move

Learning shouldn’t stop just because you’re an adult, and businesses have a vital role to play in boosting the skills and knowledge of their staff.

Thursday is National Learning at Work (LAW) Day, which forms part of this week’s Adult Learners’ Week. It aims to raise awareness of the importance of education in the workplace and show employees there are many ways they can learn new skills.

Training at work is a good way of boosting both staff morale and productivity. Employees who are offered the chance to learn new things by the company they work for are more likely to feel valued and if they feel their job will help them grow and develop, they are more likely to stay on a long-term basis.

Training at work is vital

Training and education are more important than ever in the current economic climate, as expanding your workforce’s skills can help your company adapt to changing conditions as well as helping your business to become more innovative and efficient. For example, if employees expand their digital skills, this could help when making improvements to your business’s website. It can help your business to fill gaps in your organisation by redeploying staff to different areas.

Learning also boosts confidence and self esteem and can help to improve staff morale and productivity. It can also help with team-building if staff are learning new skills together in a workshop or training session. For companies looking to carry out training and workshops for staff, Bizspace offers a range of training facilities and meeting rooms at its business centres around the country.

Create a culture of learning

On Thursday, thousands of workers will be getting involved in learning sessions covering a wide variety of subjects. The theme this year is ‘Many Ways to Learn’ and the event aims to create a culture of learning at workplaces across the UK.

Tricia Hartley, chief executive of the Campaign for Learning, which co-ordinates LAW day, said: “This year’s theme has really struck a chord with companies. It’s apparent that supporting employees to learn in different ways is high on many business agendas, with the recognition that valuing learning in all its forms can really drive a learning culture and lead to many business benefits. It’s great to see once again so many companies and training providers taking part. I’m sure the impact of many of the brilliantly creative approaches being used to inspire learning will last throughout the year.”

Paul Musson is Executive Vice President of Colt Technology Services, one of the company’s taking part in the event.

He said: “Developing our people is a key part of driving a high performing culture and the Learning at Work day provides a great forum for our colleagues to get engaged and learn something new, or develop their areas of expertise.”