08 August 2013

Why you should consider co-working

Working for yourself at home can be lonely, but start-ups can't always afford to rent office space - could coworking be the answer?

Working for yourself at home can be lonely and isolating, but if you are a freelancer or the owner of a start-up business,  it is not always practical to rent an office space. 

At Bizspace, we are launching a new co-working initiative called The Work Lounge, which offers freelancers, start-ups, homeworkers and mobile workers a friendly and relaxed space where they can work independently. A great alternative to working from home or renting an office space, The Work Lounge will be a relaxed space where people can work alone but as part of a supportive community of like-minded business people.

There will be no start-up costs or monthly fees and you will only pay for the number of hours you use the space. The Work Lounge will also include free:

  • high speed WiFi
  • parking
  • drinks and use of The Work Lounge kitchen.

We will be releasing details of our first co-working space soon so watch this space.

What are the benefits of co-working?

  1. Socialising can be good for business
    Working completely by yourself can be a lonely experience and if you feel isolated, it can be hard to keep up your morale and stay motivated. Co-working gives you the chance to meet other people in the same boat and have someone to talk to during your tea break. Meeting others also provides a networking opportunity, which may lead to new customers.

  2. Flexibility is key in unpredictable times
    If you’re self-employed or starting a business, life can be pretty unpredictable. You may not know how busy you will be or whether it will make economic sense to rent a business unit. Co-working offers total flexibility. You only pay for the time you use the business facility so if you’re having a quiet month, you won’t find yourself struggling to pay the rent.

  3. Collaboration boosts creativity
    Sharing a space with other entrepreneurs can help you become more innovative and creative. It gives you other people to bounce ideas off and simply being around other people may prove more inspiring than working alone at home.

Let us know what benefits you have found from co-working.