Tech companies like Google are backing physical workspaces

Tech giant, Google, recently made headlines with the news it had purchased the London office building where it is currently a tenant for $1bn (£730m), demonstrating its belief in a return to physical workplaces.

04 Feb 22

Success Spaces: these are the companies which take up the most land mass

These are the companies which take up the most land mass

10 Nov 21

Leasing an office: how do commercial leases work?

This guide explains everything you need to know about leasing as a business tenant. Join us as we explore the key areas that customers ask us about, including how commercial leases work, the different types, what a commercial landlord is responsible for, the costs, the renewal process, and break clauses and terminations.

18 Oct 21

The finance sector looks to the office as a vehicle for change

This office revamp is just one indication of the finance sector’s post-pandemic approach to working life. As the UK opens up, finance sector businesses have spearheaded the move to bring workers back to the office.

05 Oct 21

How to value a tech company

This guide offers an introduction on how to value a tech company, exploring the relevant factors to consider and some of the valuation methods you could use.

17 Aug 21