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The BizSpace Guide to Business Energy

Want to understand more about business energy and how to get the best prices? We get that all of this can seem pretty complicated. Have no fear, we’ve got you covered with this definitive guide. Along the way, we’ll run through factors that affect business energy costs, bills, switching suppliers, and comparison sites.

16 Feb 20

Why Insurance for Small Businesses is Vital

The costs of not getting the right insurance can be pretty high for small businesses. With this in mind, this guide will cover the required and recommended forms of insurance for small businesses, taking a look at the benefits and costs of each type.

10 Feb 20

How to Find Angel Investors in the UK

You might have heard about angel investors in the context of television shows like Dragons’ Den. If not, this guide will explain what they are, how to find them, how they work, what they expect, and what to look for in them.

08 Feb 20

How to Build a Great Company Culture

Think about what you would want your company to be remembered for, or what you’d hope your employees would say to their friends. What can you do to make a difference or to stand out? In the wise words of Jay-Z “Don’t ever go with the flow, be the flow.”

13 Nov 19

Boost productivity by taking your work outside

During the summer and early autumnal months, most of us like to spend our weekends outdoors. Whether hosting a BBQ, going on a walk or catching some rays, being outside makes us happy.

05 Sep 19

Seven Stories literature charity shares tips on storytelling

In celebration of World Book Day, we met with literature charity Seven Stories based at BizSpace Design Works.

07 Mar 19

Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know About Renting Office Space in 2019

Thinking about renting office space? How exciting for you, but if it’s your first time you’ve got some decisions to make.

10 Jan 19

Ace the Space: 5 tips on finding the best meeting room venue

We have created five top tips on finding the best meeting venue for that upcoming conference.

04 Oct 18

The importance of workspace design

An insight into how the right working environment can benefit and enable a business to thrive, with three top tips on why work space is so important.

03 Sep 18