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The complete guide to employee benefits

This guide takes a deep dive into employee benefits. Join us as we explain everything you need to know about company perks, including the different types, the tax considerations, the importance of creating the ideal benefits package, and the best benefits that you can offer to your staff.

19 Jul 21

Guide to public limited companies (PLCs)

If you run an established organisation and are thinking about going public, it’s vital to clue yourself up on the nuances of publicly listed businesses. Join us as we explore everything you need to know about public limited companies, including their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, setting one up and your initial public offering (IPO), and ownership.

22 Apr 21

The complete guide to radio advertising

If you’re considering radio advertisements for your company, this guide explains everything you need to know to make an informed decision. Join us as we look at what radio advertising is, the different types, its effectiveness, the costs associated with radio ads, and factors to consider when planning your slots.

25 Mar 21

Hybrid working: the hybrid model as the future of work

As we approach the time when many businesses will return to the office, this post explores the hybrid work model as a potential option for your organisation. Join us as we consider why businesses might want to adopt hybrid working and how to overcome the challenges associated with this style of workforce management.

08 Mar 21

How to enter a foreign market: market-entry strategies

This post looks at the opportunities for entering a country as part of your global expansion journey. Join us as we explore the range of foreign market-entry modes available to you, from exporting to joint ventures and greenfield investment.

01 Mar 21

Our research reveals the cities most likely to adopt a flexible working approach in 2021

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect all aspects of daily life, the last nine months have forced many businesses to change and adapt to new ways of working. While some have changed for good and a home working situation will be the norm - at least for the foreseeable future - many others are leaving it to their employees to decide for themselves how and where they would like to work. Here's BizSpace's research that indicates which workers in which cities will be looking for a more flexible working style in 2021.

13 Jan 21

New Face at BizSpace: Nick Snow Design

Nick Snow is an Interior Designer and Stylist, and his business combines the wealth of experience and knowledge Nick has in his field – from designing residential and commercial spaces to styling for well-known magazines, and from styling top broadcasting makeover shows to teaching Interior Styling online for the University of Arts London. Nick Snow Design joined BizSpace Fareham in August 2020.

28 Oct 20

What is the key to happiness at work? We asked for 5 insights from BizSpacers this International Week of Happiness at Work

2020 has been a rocky road for workers across the UK. Thanks to COVID-19, there are a wide range of unforeseen situations to contend with – from a national lockdown and the mass-adoption of remote working to the threat of redundancy and the introduction of furlough schemes. At times like this, society needs to evolve with the times to maintain wellbeing and mental health. That’s why this International Week of Happiness at Work we decided to ask our very own BizSpacers what their key to happiness at work is.

25 Sep 20

The Future of Work: Is the city dying?

Last week, an article in the Financial Times titled 'Bosses predict permanent shift in working and an evolution for cities' explored the future of work in cities and whether COVID-19 and the mass adoption of home-working has destroyed city working for good. Is home-working here to stay? How will the office change and will we need so many? And are big cities in danger? Khalid Aziz, Marketing Director at BizSpace, responds.

23 Sep 20