ESG background

Building a sustainable future

Whether you’re an existing or a future tenant, rest assured that at BizSpace we take sustainability seriously. Our sustainable business practices form part of our environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts. These have clear benefits for people and the planet and make excellent business sense too.

If it’s good for the planet, it’s good for business

For BizSpace and our tenants, our ESG plans aim to have significant long-term benefits, supporting global efforts to combat climate change and its impact.

Stay ahead of the curve in regulatory compliance.

Meet everyone’s rising expectations for sustainable business practices.

Reduce utility costs by running more efficient buildings.

Increase attractiveness to investors, tenants, and future staff.

Enhance company image and brand reputation.

Boosts the long-term value of assets.

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What’s our goal?

Our overarching goal is to reduce our carbon footprint, achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2045 and have a positive environmental and social impact across our platform, portfolio, and value chain.

What are we doing to achieve this goal?

Whether you’re a current BizSpace member or a prospective tenant, discover just some of the initiatives we’ve put in place to help us achieve our goal and, more specifically, what it means for you.

BizSpace ESG Initiatives

Going electric

Sites are powered exclusively with renewable electricity

The landlord electricity provided at our sites is contracted in a 100% green tariff. Something we’ve successfully achieved for the past three years (2019 – 2022).

Sites are installed with smart meters

For tenants who look after their own utility bills, smart meters enable better energy management, improved efficiency, and the seamless integration of renewable energy sources.

Select sites have EV charging points

If you drive an electric vehicle, you’ll be glad to know that some of our sites currently have EV charging points. We plan to roll this out across all sites in the future.

Being biodiverse

We plant trees as part of our emissions offsetting programme

When we send you contract-renewal letters, we’ll offset all emissions produced (including our business mileage, too) by partnering with Tree-Nation. Last year we planted 5,902 trees, offsetting 244 tonnes of CO2.

We’re choosing eco-friendly suppliers

Some of the suppliers you work with day-to-day, for example, our cleaners and office suppliers, also offset their carbon emissions and use eco-friendly equipment.

We’re planting wildflower meadows

Some of our sites will have beautiful wildflower meadows for you to enjoy. These don’t just look good; they also help to maintain a healthy and functioning environment as part of their biodiversity function.

Reducing waste and recycling

We’re responsible for office waste collection

As an office tenant, don’t worry about arranging your own rubbish collection. Instead, use the bins provided and work with us to ensure zero waste reaches landfill.

Industrial tenants are responsible for their own waste collection

If you operate within one of our workshops or light industrial units, we encourage you to ensure zero waste reaches landfill. We will support you where possible to achieve this.

We’re developing our waste and water management programme

To ensure we reduce the amount of waste we accumulate and the water we consume, we’re dedicated to developing a more comprehensive programme of activity for tenants.

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Treating tenants well

Meeting your needs more effectively

We have a dedicated customer care department to listen to and action any of your feedback on an ongoing basis.

Giving you a voice to raise important issues

We run a comprehensive annual survey allowing you to give extensive feedback regarding operations, sustainability, waste management, emissions reduction, and biodiversity.

Backing businesses with an important social purpose

If your businesses can demonstrate a vital social purpose, we may be able to support you with favourable rental agreements. We plan to launch the scheme in 2024.

Stronger sustainability with Sirius

We have fully integrated our efforts to align with a wider ESG programme of our parent company, Sirius Real Estate. This has formalised our efforts to establish clear priorities and objectives. Our ESG objectives align closely with goals 7,9,11, and 13 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a global blueprint for peace and prosperity. Together, we aim to meet our ambitious goals and demonstrate accountabilities for all our activities.

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