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Secure and simple container storage to rent

Container storage is ideal for anyone wanting secure self-storage but with better vehicle access and more space for loading and unloading. Whether it’s for private or commercial purposes, container storage is perfect for storing personal belongings, furniture, equipment, stock, and tools.

What is container storage?

They are shipping containers. And they come in two sizes, 20 or 40 square feet. Storage containers are found in secure, accessible locations with much more space to drive up closer to your unit. This makes them ideal for anyone looking to store larger items or more volume that requires easier access to drop off or pick up.

Key features
  • Choose from two sizes, 20 or 40 feet.
  • Short-term and long-term let available.
  • Each unit is secured with an industrial padlock and set of keys.
  • Great for vehicle access as they’re positioned on ground level.
  • Centre Managers – Dedicated business support at every business centre.
  • Space for loading and unloading.
  • Popular container storage locations

    The benefits of renting container storage 

    At BizSpace, we make storage simple and safe. Whether you’re looking to store personal belongings, important business equipment, or highly-value stock, our storage facilities are highly secure and easily accessible when only you or your team need access.  

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    Vehicle access  

    You can drive right up to the door of container storage units, making loading and unloading much easier.  

    Security CCTV icon

    Located in secure compounds and warehouses, with its own CCTV. Plus, you’ll be supplied with industrial strength padlock and keys.  

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    Coming in a variety of sizes, container units tend to have more space than traditional self-storage units.  


    Steel shipping containers are made with corrosion-resistant materials built to withstand the rain and wind.   

    Easy open doors  

    Containers come with easy to open double doors – ideal if you’re looking to store cumbersome or awkwardly shaped items.  


    With fewer overheads and features compared to self-storage, container storage is a more affordable option.  

    What do you use storage containers for?

    Personal storage  

    With excellent vehicle access, container units are ideal for people looking to store bulky and sizeable household items like furniture or white goods. Whether you’re moving home and need a temporary storage solution, or you’re staying put and need some extra space around the home, container units are ideal to create the space you need.  

    Commercial storage  

    With more space, better access, and fewer restrictions on what you can store, container units are ideal for businesses looking to store equipment, tools, stock as well as documents. Ideal for whether you need to free up space around the office, or you need a more practical storage solution for your business operations.   

    Don’t just take our word for it

    Get going in just three simple steps

    Select a location
    We have storage sites all over the UK. Simply find your nearest location and decide which type of storage best suits your needs.
    Choose a size
    If you don’t know what size storage you need, use our handy guides or get in touch, our friendly team are here to help.
    Move in
    After we’ve completed the simple paperwork, you can collect your keys and move in as soon as you’re packed.

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    Frequently asked questions

    This will depend on your storage needs. Whether for personal or business storage, a 20-foot or 40-foot shipping container will provide ample space.
    A 20-foot shipping container can provide approximately 150 square feet of space – giving you enough space to store the contents of an average-sized 3-bedroom house if packed correctly.
    A 40-foot shipping container can provide approximately 300 square feet of space. As these are long containers, consider that you may only be able to access the very back of the container if you create a corridor (which takes up some space). 40-foot containers are generally preferred for storing large volumes of stock, which can be loaded and unloaded in bulk if they are on pallets.

    20-foot and 40-foot container storage units are available monthly starting from as little as £149 + VAT. The cost can vary depending on the size of the unit and location.

    The main differences between container storage and self-storage relate to access, size, cost and how you can load and unload items.
    Self-storage units are ideal for personal storage and business storage. It’s usually self-access only, 24/7, and the units are housed indoors within a property. There are bays to load and unload, but these may be a distance from the units, meaning a short walk or the use of a goods lift to access your self-storage unit.
    Container storage is ideal for larger amounts of personal and business storage, particularly light-industrial storage. As containers are stored in a secure compound or warehouse, access may be restricted to specific times. There is vehicle access, meaning you can drive up close to the container, making loading and unloading heavy items much more straightforward.