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If you’re looking to rent your own workspace but don’t want to commit to managing an entire office, a coworking space is just the answer. Get your own dedicated desk, work among like-minded professionals, and access all the latest facilities and amenities for a snip of the cost to rent an office.  

What is a co-working space?

A co-working office space is a shared office space, where people from different teams and companies come together to work in a single shared space. Used by entrepreneurs, start-ups, and independent working individuals, it’s an alternative workspace solution to the more conventional, serviced, or private offices.  

What’s included?
  • Dedicated desk – Work from your favourite desk or hot desk each time.
  • Business centre facilities – breakout areas, meeting rooms, kitchens, showers and more.
  • Networking opportunities – from organised events to impromptu meetings
  • 24/7 access – come into the office anytime you need to.
  • Free parking – dedicated on-site or street parking, free in most cases.
  • Modern technology – High-speed Wi-Fi and the latest IT and telecoms.
  • Popular co-working spaces

    The benefits of a co-working space   

    We know what your business wants – a workspace to belong and an environment to thrive. That’s why we’ve made it easy to find your next space, move in with minimal fuss, and get the business support you need when you need it.

    Flexible contracts icon
    More affordable 

    Only pay for a desk but get access to all the shared amenities of a BizSpace business centre for a fraction of the cost.  

    Simple, flexible contracts

    Short-term licence agreements mean you can scale up, downsize, or move altogether at short notice.

    Quick and easy

    Finding, viewing, and securing your serviced office is as easy as one, two, three.

    Networking opportunities  

    Meet and work among like-minded professionals, be part of a thriving business community, and grow your business network.  

    A business presence

    Great for freelancers, entrepreneurs, or start-ups – your very own place of work without the expense or ties.

    Work-life balance  

    Separate home and work; get that structure you need to be more productive at work, and more restful at home.  

    Who are co-working spaces for?


    Ideal for the fast-paced entrepreneurs looking for a place to belong and an environment to thrive in. It’s a more affordable, less risky option, as there’s no lengthy commitments involved. Co-working also gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow their networks and business opportunities.   


    Ideal for businesses just getting off the ground, co-working is a more affordable option and allows start-ups to keep tighter reigns on office costs. It also allows staff the opportunity to work in thriving environments, with the latest amenities and facilities, for a fraction of the cost.  

    Independent workers  

    Whether you’re a freelancer, contractor, or a remote worker, a co-working space gives you an alternative option to working from home. Ideal for those who want to be more productive, meet new professionals and create a bit more separation between work and home.   

    Don’t just take our word for it

    Get going in just three simple steps

    Our friendly centre manager will show you around our wonderful business centre, including our available co-working spaces. They are on hand to answer any questions you have.
    Sign up
    We have simple one-page licence agreements when renting a co-working space. Signing up is quick and easy – and all our terms are transparent.
    Move in
    You could be set up and ready to go within an hour. Our dedicated centre managers are on hand to support you during and after moving in.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Shared office space is home to various office and workspace types, like a BizSpace business centre. Businesses can rent a private office, managed office or serviced office in a shared office space and benefit from shared services like a reception, kitchen, showers etc. Co-working spaces are more for independent workers and startups working from a dedicated desk or two within a much larger co-working office space. They, too, can access the centre’s amenities and facilities provided to businesses renting private, managed or serviced office space.

    When you rent a desk in our coworking space, you’re sharing the office with others you may or may not know, so please be sensible and don’t leave valuables lying around. While we try to keep our customers safe and secure, you are responsible for your belongings.

    This will depend on a few things, for example, the location, the business centre, the size of the co-working space, the day of the week, and even the time of the day. Usually, well-occupied co-working spaces in a bustling location will generally be quite busy. But if you’re concerned about noise and productivity, please be aware that some business centres will also provide breakout rooms, quiet spaces and even meeting rooms to help co-workers find space to concentrate if they feel their co-working environments are getting too loud or busy.

    Absolutely. Part of the appeal of co-working spaces is that you get to rent a dedicated desk at a much more affordable rate than renting an entire private or serviced office and still get access to all the shared amenities and facilities like kitchens, showers, break-out spaces, meeting rooms etc.

    Co-working spaces are designed for multiple people to work in a single space. Whilst private office spaces allow you to create and customise your own space, a co-working office is usually designed with your needs in mind. When you rent a co-working space, you’ll have your own dedicated desk, which you can add to and accessorise as you see fit.

    Thanks to our simple short-term licence agreements, you can rent a co-working space for as little as a day, a week or a month. That said, most contracts are on a rolling monthly basis. The length of time you sign up for will vary on location, business centre, and your needs and level of commitment.

    Anyone can rent a co-working space. But co-working is most suitable for independent workers and entrepreneurs looking for their first office setup or their next space because it’s a more affordable and less risky option than tying into a long lease for a large private office you may not need. They’re also ideal for startups looking to keep costs more manageable and larger businesses looking for a satellite or regional hub for nearby employees to work flexibly.

    This depends on who you are and what you’re looking for. On the one hand, it’s far more affordable as there are fewer overheads, it provides networking opportunities, and it can help provide employees with a more flexible workspace. On the other hand, a shared space can be seen as busy or noisy, especially if you’re someone who wants their own private space.

    Co-working is much more affordable than renting a private or serviced office. You only pay based on the number of desks you require. The amount you pay will vary between locations and between business centres. It will also vary depending on how many desks you rent.

    Co-working is a concept whereby workers from different companies share an office space. Employees work independently on different projects or in groups on the same projects. It’s different from traditional office space because people operating in a co-working environment usually work for different companies. As such, it represents a more affordable way to rent office space while still providing businesses with the necessary amenities and facilities.