Ace the Space: 5 tips on finding the best meeting room venue

So, your boss has asked you to research and find the right location to host an upcoming meeting which is both time consuming and sometimes a little daunting with such a huge range of venues to choose from. With a to do list as long as your arm and no idea where to start, we are here to help guide you on choosing the best meeting room venue.

As a provider of meeting room venues along with experience in providing the right office environment and facilities to businesses. We have created five top tips on finding the best meeting venue for that upcoming conference.


Strong wifi throughout a meeting or conference venue is no longer a good to have but a must have. This was established in a recent survey by EventMB, with 78% of event professionals believing wifi availability and performance is still a big issue for events. Therefore, it is important to check whether venues offer a charging station and have strong wifi.  There is nothing more annoying than having your attendees wandering around aimlessly searching for signal.


Feeling parched? Nope, not at your meeting! The best meeting room venue will offer great faculties as a standard procedure. Such benefits within the package could include refreshments, meeting equipment such as a screen, stationary and technical support. You’re more likely to be offered these services by a dedicated meeting/office space venue. As specialists running these meetings day in and day out, they will have a greater understanding on the importance of catering to your needs.

Suitable space

When searching for a meeting room venue you need to consider whether it is appropriate for the attendees needs. For smaller meetings, a more intimate venue may be better suited. For larger events such as a training day, a venue that offers plenty of meeting space but also has breakout areas/rooms may be best. A top tip from our CEO’s EA Esther O’Sullivan “When looking for the best meeting room venue, never go for a space that caters exactly to the number of attendees. For example, if its 10 attendees find a venue that accommodates for 16 as it will offer a lot more room for people to move around.”


Similarly, to suitability, the venue must set the right tone and suit the needs of the attendees. For example, if you are a more traditional corporate business looking for a venue, a room with funky fittings probably isn’t the space to match your needs. We would advise you visit the venue before making a final decision, this way you can get a feel for the space and see if it falls in line with your requirements.


With 63% of people stating accessibility is one of the biggest factors in choosing an event, according to EventMB, location is an important factor when choosing a meeting room venue. The trick is to find somewhere convenient for all your attendees, within a close distance to a train station or offers on-site parking. Additionally, think one step ahead and make sure there are restaurants or other amenities nearby that are open either pre or post event. Whether it’s a café, restaurant or bar, find an area which caters to all.

Overall, we know it can be hard to find the perfect venue for a meeting, strategy day or conference, but by using these five tips as a guideline, we hope your planning will be less stressful. With 95 meeting rooms available to book, across numerous locations nationwide, we offer a range of venues to match a variety of occasions. So, whether you’re looking for a meeting room venue in the Midlands, Manchester, Scotland or the South, check out our new online meeting room booker to find the right venue for you.

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