Workshops & small industrial units to rent in Manchester

Manchester is a modern cosmopolitan city set against the backdrop of a rich industrial heritage with all the amenities you’d expect from a major metropolis. BizSpace provides a variety of workshops and small industrial units to rent in Manchester and Greater Manchester, all with rolling monthly contracts & flexible terms.

Why rent a workshop or small industrial unit in Manchester?

If you’re looking to rent a workshop or small industrial unit in Manchester, check out some of the benefits this fine city has to offer:

Size and cost

Manchester is a large city, but it’s nowhere near as big or expensive as London. This means you won’t be dedicating huge chunks of your time navigating the city or spending huge amounts on rent.


Manchester’s robust infrastructure includes a modern motorway network, a large international airport, and a well-connected rail network. This makes it easy for businesses to transport goods and materials in and out of the city.

Variety of industrial units

BizSpace has many industrial units available for rent in Manchester, which can be used for manufacturing and storage, even as a small warehouse or factory. This means businesses of all sizes and industries can find a suitable space to meet their needs.


Manchester has a skilled and diverse workforce, with various industries represented in the city. Several universities and colleges in the area also provide a steady stream of highly qualified graduates.


Manchester is a major UK city strategically located in the heart of the Northwest. It has excellent transport links to other major cities and airports, making it an ideal location for businesses that require easy access to markets and suppliers.

Supportive business environment

Manchester has a thriving business community, with various support services available for businesses, including business advice, funding, and networking opportunities.

What are the main industries in Manchester?

Manchester has a diverse economy with a range of industries. Some of the main sectors in Manchester include creative and digital, financial and professional services, and health and life sciences. Some of the more industrial-based sectors include manufacturing, logistics and distribution. Manchester has a long history of manufacturing and is home to a range of advanced manufacturing industries, including aerospace, automotive, and engineering. Manchester’s strategic location and strong transport links have made it an attractive place for logistics and distribution companies, with several large warehouses and distribution centres.

Manchester’s history with the industrial sector

Manchester’s rich industrial history dates back to the 18th century when the city was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution. Manchester’s industrial success saw it become a major centre for textile manufacturing, with mills and factories springing up across the city. Its location provided easy access to materials and markets. And the city’s canal network made it an ideal place for exporting goods to other parts of the UK and overseas. Manchester became a hub for innovation and invention, with many famous inventors and entrepreneurs hailing from the city. It remains an important centre for many sectors, including the more traditional industrial sectors of manufacturing, logistics and distribution.

Transportation links in Manchester

Manchester has a range of transportation links, making it easily accessible within the UK and internationally. Some of these include:

Motorways: Manchester is well connected to the UK’s motorway network, with the M60 orbital motorway circling the city and providing access to other major motorways such as the M62, M6, and M56.

Railways: Manchester has several railway stations, including Manchester Piccadilly, the busiest train station in the city and serves as a central hub for local and national services. Other stations include Manchester Victoria, Deansgate, and Oxford Road.

Metrolink: Metrolink is Manchester’s light rail system, with several lines running across the city and connecting nearby towns and cities. It is a popular mode of transportation for commuters and visitors alike.

Buses: Manchester has an extensive bus network, with several bus companies operating services across the city and beyond. The city’s bus station, Manchester Central Coach Station, is located in the city centre and provides connections to many other UK cities.

Manchester Airport: Manchester Airport is the third-busiest airport in the UK, located just 8 miles south of the city centre. It has flights to over 200 destinations worldwide and is a hub for several airlines.

How many workshops and small industrial units are available in Manchester?

Manchester is home to a variety of industrial units. At BizSpace we provide several workshops and industrial units across the city and Greater Manchester. For example, in Manchester, you can find BizSpace Manchester Old Trafford, BizSpace Manchester Trafford Park and BizSpace Manchester Newton Heath. Whilst in Greater Manchester, you’ll find BizSpace Altrincham and BizSpace Rochdale Moss Mill, and BizSpace Rochdale Fieldhouse.

How to find the right workshop or small industrial unit in Manchester?

When looking for an industrial unit to rent in Manchester, several essential factors must be considered:


Where is the unit based in Manchester? Is it easily accessible for your business needs? For example, its proximity to major transport links such as motorways, railways, and airports, as well as to suppliers, customers, and other essential business contacts.

Size and layout

Think about the size and layout of the workshop and whether it can accommodate your business’s needs. Consider factors such as the height of the ceilings, the number and size of loading bays, and the available office space.

Facilities and amenities

Consider the facilities and amenities available with the industrial unit and business centre, such as parking, security, and access to electricity and water.


Check the condition of the industrial unit and whether it is fit for your intended use; for example, look for any signs of damage, wear and tear, or structural issues that may impact your business operations.

Lease terms and costs

Review the lease terms and costs associated with your workshop, including rent, service charges, business fees and other fees or expenses. At BizSpace, our workshops come with rolling monthly contracts & flexible terms with no hidden extras.

What other commercial property is available in Manchester?

Businesses in need of workshops and industrial units may also require additional workspace. For example, your business may require additional office and storage space and a small industrial unit to work from. Check out all the different workspaces and their respective BizSpace locations below.

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