Finding a Small Industrial Unit or Workshop to Rent

Let’s be honest with each other, finding a ‘perfectly sized’ industrial unit for your business isn’t exactly fun. It’s time-consuming, it’s boring and your time is much better spent running your business or finding a new television show to binge watch.

Fortunately, the team here at BizSpace are always ready to help you out, so we thought we’d put together a quick guide to help you find the small unit to rent that suits your business. Keep these details in mind and you shouldn’t have a problem with your journey.

How Small is a Small Industrial Unit?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of it all, let’s make sure we’re on the same page.

The word ‘small’ is a little vague so let’s clarify it a little bit. A small, start-up business is likely to have between one and ten members of staff, so we count a small industrial unit as a space that can cater to this many people.

According to fire safety requirements, the maximum occupancy for an industrial space or workshop (not office) is around 55sqft per person. With this in mind, a small industrial unit would be between 55sqft and 550sqft. We’re talking about industrial space here, which means your employees aren’t just going to be sitting at a desk. You need extra space for the machinery they will be operating. With this in mind, we would say that if you want to rent a ‘small’ workshop industrial unit, you’ll be looking at anything from 100sqft to 800sqft.

How Much Does a Small Industrial Unit Cost to Rent?

Now onto the big question – how much rent should you be looking at for your small unit? As with all property, there are all sorts of variables that will affect how much your dream space costs. Anything from how many water coolers it has to the local restaurants can affect pricing, so take our estimations with a pinch of salt.

You can expect to be paying £25-£200 per week depending on the size, location and facilities of the unit. Usually, this cost will only cover you actually occupying the property, but every lease is different so it’s important to check the legal details (as you always should).


Other Fees

As well as the standard renting fees, unfortunately, you’re going to have to deal with some other fees too. The majority of leases and licences will leave you to manage your own utility fees, waste disposal fees and security costs, so if you find a lease offering more than the basics, leap on that golden egg.

Besides these additional costs, you will also need to think about insurance and business rates. Fortunately, our offering of small industrial units to rent comes complete with buildings insurance and business rates, depending on your local council and area.

Also, remember to think about specialist needs like three-phase electricity. Always ask about whether you have to pay for any extra details.


Where Do You Find Small Units to Rent?

This is an easy one. We’ve spent almost two decades blowing minds and helping small businesses grow and develop through affordable rented spaces tailored to SMEs. We have a vast range of small workshops and industrial units to rent in over 100 locations across the country, making us accessible and convenient for you and your business.

To find out more or get in touch if you have any questions.

Finding a Small Workshop to Rent



How to Choose a Small Workshop to Rent

Below are our essential tips on finding the right small workshop or industrial unit for your business.

Avoid Fighting for Space

Think about what your business needs and requires to operate efficiently and safely. You might require:

  • Big double doors to throw open for plenty of space and natural light
  • Rolling shutter doors to save on space and offer peace of mind security
  • Plenty of space for big machinery or lots of free-standing mechanical tools


Choose a location that is convenient for you, your team and your customers. That might mean:

  • In the city centre
  • Better placed for your suppliers and customers
  • On specialist industrial estates

Will you be welcoming clients or customers to your workshop? If so, you will need to consider parking arrangements and ease of access to main roads and public transport links. Keeping these points in mind will score you bonus points further down the line.


Be Open to Collaborate

Businesses work best together and can support each other, whether they are in the same sector or not. You never know when you might discover a future business partner!


Plan for the Future

Avoid having to keep relocating as your business expands. It is an unnecessary hassle that you and your team do not want. Choose a small workshop or industrial unit that you have the freedom to update and change according to your needs – both now and in the future.


We understand that trying to find a new place of work can be stressful. There are plenty of things to check over, process and understand. At BizSpace, we have small workshops in convenient locations up across the country with centre managers and local representatives that are ready to support you through the transition.

See our current availability for small workshops and industrial units to rent. We also offer plenty of storage spaces for business too.

We look forward to welcoming you to your new BizSpace workshop!

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