Why coworking is ideal for students

Traditionally, coworking is associated with freelancers and mobile workers, but they can also be an ideal and affordable workplace for students too.

Traditionally, coworking spaces are associated with freelancers, start-up business owners and mobile workers, but they can also be an affordable and flexible workspace for students too, particularly those in their final year or studying for Masters or Doctorates.

Many students find it difficult to concentrate in their university library. They can be distracted by friends or be disrupted by other people’s conversations. It can sometimes be hard to find a free workspace and seating can often be hard and uncomfortable.

Known as Work Lounges, our coworking spaces offer comfortable, modern seating within a professional business environment, plus free complimentary drinks. We already have three co-working spaces in Letchworth, Brixton and Manchester and are planning to open more across the country this year.

Our three Work Lounges are at LetchworthBrixton and Manchester with more planned for other locations.

Here are five reasons why students should give co-working spaces a go:

1. Professional atmosphere

As The Work Lounge is a modern shared office, you will be surrounded by professionals who take their work seriously. This means it is likely to be a quiet, calm and productive atmosphere, where you can get your work done in peace. This is probably particularly important for postgraduate students. And best of all, you won’t be competing for a computer with people who just want to go on Facebook.

2. Learn from business people

If you’re hoping to go into business after you graduate, this is a great way to make good contacts and learn some tricks of the trade while you are still at university. There is the chance to share ideas with other professionals.

3. Great for student start-ups

Many students are now starting up their own businesses while they study to make extra money. If you are one of them, this is a great way to get started in a modern office environment with good business facilities, without having to commit to renting a unit out. It also gives you a professional place where you meet potential customers or partners.

4. High speed broadband

Superfast WiFi is included in the amount you pay to use The Work Lounge, so you don’t have to worry about unreliable connections slowing you down. It is also much more secure than working in a coffee shop or another public space. The business facilities also include free hot drinks, use of the kitchen facilities and parking, where available.

5. Affordable fees

At our coworking spaces you have the option of just paying for the hours you use, so you stay in control of the costs and can budget easily.

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