Offices to rent in Bradford, Yorkshire

Bradford, the historic city in West Yorkshire, is home to natural beauty and fascinating heritage and culture. With industry and workforce as rich and diverse as its population, Bradford is a great northern city that is innovative, confident, and well-connected. For small and growing businesses, BizSpace provides a range of flexible office spaces in Bradford with rolling monthly contracts & customisable spaces.

What are the different types of offices for rent in Bradford?  

There are two types of office space to rent in Bradford, Yorkshire:  

Managed offices in Bradford  

Our managed office spaces offer adaptable spaces that companies can personalise to fit their requirements. These offices provide a customisable environment where businesses can bring their furnishings and branding. They often include shared amenities like meeting rooms, reception areas, and break-out spaces. Bradford’s managed offices can be standalone units or part of a business centre, offering various access and facilities. 

Serviced offices in Bradford  

Our serviced offices are fully furnished spaces with all-inclusive utilities and services, streamlining the setup process for businesses. These offices allow quick and hassle-free occupation without the need to manage office infrastructure. Situated within business centres, they offer on-site reception, IT support, and communal areas, enhancing convenience for tenants with shared access and facilities. 

Who rents offices in Bradford?  

Many industries and businesses rent offices in Bradford and across West Yorkshire. Historically rooted in manufacturing – like engineering and textiles – the region has diversified into robust retail, financial services, and a thriving technology and digital sector. Professional services – notably in life sciences and healthcare – continue to be pivotal tenants in the landscape here. 

What are the benefits of renting an office in Bradford? 

For businesses looking for an office to rent in West Yorkshire, Bradford presents itself as an excellent choice for a number of reasons:   


Bradford is located in the heart of the UK and has excellent transportation links, including a major motorway, international airport, and railway. This makes it an ideal location for businesses needing frequent travel or access to major transport routes. 


Bradford is known for having lower rental prices than other major cities in the north of England, such as Leeds and Manchester. This means renting an office in Bradford can be more cost-effective than in other areas. 

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Networking opportunities 

Bradford is home to various businesses, from small startups to large corporations. This creates a vibrant business community that offers many opportunities for networking and collaboration. 

Skilled workforce

Bradford has a highly skilled workforce, with many graduates from local universities. This means that businesses can easily find qualified and experienced employees. 

Cultural diversity 

Bradford has a rich cultural heritage and is home to a diverse population. This creates a welcoming and inclusive environment that can benefit businesses that value diversity. 

Supportive business environment

The local government in Bradford supports businesses, offering a range of incentives and support programs to encourage growth and development.

How much does it cost to rent an office in Bradford?  

The cost of renting an office in Bradford can vary depending on several factors, including location, size, and amenities. For example, a small office in a less central location could cost much less than a larger one in a prime location with more amenities. Generally speaking, office rental prices at a BizSpace Bradford business centre can range from £140 to £5,500 per month or £1,500 to £70,000 per year. It’s important to compare prices and speak to business centre managers who can give you a more accurate price. 

What are the main industries in Bradford?

Bradford has a diverse economy with a range of industries. Historically, Bradford has been known for its textile industry, and manufacturing remains integral to the local economy today. It also has a thriving retail sector and a large health and social care sector, including several hospitals and clinics. Regarding white-collar industries, in other words, those looking for office space, Bradford is becoming a growing hub for several vital sectors of the UK economy, such as finance, business services, engineering and a growing creative and digital sector.

The history of Bradford’s local industry

Throughout history, Bradford’s local industries have evolved, reflecting changes in technology, trade, and the global economy. For example, it has a long history of textile manufacturing, dating back to the 19th century, and in the 20th century, Bradford’s economy diversified, becoming a hub for engineering and manufacturing. In the post-war period, Bradford’s retail sector grew, becoming an important shopping destination. And in recent years, Bradford’s economy has increasingly focused on financial and business services. The city’s history of innovation, entrepreneurship, and hard work continues to inspire and shape its economic future.

Transportation links in Bradford

Bradford is well-connected to the rest of the UK and beyond. Its various transport links make it easy to travel in and around the city, whether for work or leisure.

Road: Bradford is located near several major roads, including the M62 and the M606, linking easily with major neighbouring towns and cities such as Leeds and Manchester.

Rail: Bradford has several railway stations, including Bradford Interchange, Bradford Forster Square, and Frizinghall. Trains run regularly from Bradford to destinations across the UK, including London, Manchester, and Leeds.

Airport: Bradford is about 10 miles from Leeds Bradford International Airport, which offers flights to destinations across the UK and Europe.

Buses: The city is served by several bus routes, with regular services running throughout the day connecting the city centre with suburbs and neighbouring towns.

Cycling and walking: Bradford is a compact city, and getting around on foot or by bike is easy. The city has several designated cycle lanes and walking routes, making it a safe and convenient place to explore on foot or by bike.

How many offices are there to rent in Bradford?

Bradford and its surrounding villages are home to several flexible office spaces to rent. Close to the city, you’ll find BizSpace Bradford Dudley Hill, whilst, in the neighbouring village of Shipley, you’ll find BizSpace Shipley, and to the northeast of the city, you’ll find BizSpace Bradford Albion Mills. Further afield in West Yorkshire, we have BizSpace Leeds Brooklands Court and BizSpace Wakefield.

How to find the right office in Bradford?  

Looking for flexible office to rent in Bradford but need help figuring out where to start? If you’re in the market for new space, ensure you consider the following factors when looking:  

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Consider the office’s location and how easy it is to get to by public transportation or car. Are there parking facilities? How close is the nearest train station or bus stop? Consider a location that is easy for clients, employees, and suppliers to access. 

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Consider the size of the office you need. Think about the number of employees you have and how much space you need for desks, equipment, and storage. 


Consider what amenities the office space offers. Does it have a kitchen or break room? Is there a reception area or a meeting room? Does it have high-speed internet access? These amenities can make a big difference to your working environment and productivity. 


Consider the cost of renting the office and whether it fits within your budget. Be sure to factor in additional fees such as utilities, maintenance, and cleaning. 

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Lease terms 

Read the lease carefully and ensure you understand the agreement’s terms. Consider how long the lease is for and whether there are any restrictions. BizSpace’s leases and licence agreements are easy to understand, and we always provide help if you have any questions.  


Consider whether the office space is flexible enough to accommodate changes in your business needs. For example, can you easily upgrade or downsize the space as needed? BizSpace’s agreements are highly flexible, making it easy for businesses to scale up, down or move at short notice.   

What other commercial property is available in Bradford?

With the variety of industries and companies based in Bradford, it stands to reason that local companies will need more than just office space. For example, manufacturing, engineering, or retail businesses may also need workshop space, small industrial units, or storage facilities. Check out all the different workspaces and their respective BizSpace locations below.

How to find a flexible office in Bradford?

Find the office you want from the list above and book a viewing. We’ll show you around our range of offices and business centres. We’ll be on hand to answer any questions you have.
We have simple one-page licence agreements for short-term rentals or leases for longer-term rentals. Signing up is quick and easy – and all our terms are transparent.
You could be ready to go within an hour. And our dedicated centre managers are on hand – where applicable – to support you during and after moving in.

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