Offices for rent in Manchester

Manchester is a vibrant city in the north of England, known for its rich history, cultural attractions, and thriving business community. With excellent transportation links, a highly skilled workforce, and diverse industries, Manchester is an attractive location for businesses looking to rent an office and establish a presence in the UK’s dynamic north. 

What are the different types of offices to rent in Manchester?

There are three types of flexible office space and studio space to rent in Manchester:  

Managed offices in Manchester  

Our managed office spaces provide Manchester-based businesses with a customisable workspace.  Tailore layouts, bring your furniture and branding and create an environment unique to your needs. Managed offices commonly include shared amenities such as meeting rooms, reception areas, and collaborative spaces, providing flexibility within standalone units or as part of business centres across Manchester. 

Serviced offices in Manchester  

Our serviced office space provide fully furnished workspaces that include utilities and comprehensive services. This helps Manchester-based businesses to eliminate setup hassles. They are strategically located within business centres, offering on-site reception, IT support, and communal areas. Shared facilities within these spaces can streamline operations and cater to the diverse business requirements of Manchester’s growing business population. 

Office studios  

Our Manchester office studios provide creative and flexible work environments catering to artistic and innovative industries. These spaces prioritise individuality, often featuring open layouts, ample natural light, and facilities conducive to creative work. Manchester’s office studios foster a collaborative atmosphere, nurturing businesses in design, media, and other creative sectors with customisable spaces and community-oriented environments. 

Who rents offices in Manchester?  

Manchester offices are sought after by various businesses across several industries. The city’s bustling financial sector, home to prominent banks and insurance firms, thrives alongside a robust creative and digital sector, encompassing marketing, design, and web development companies. Manchester is also home to several advanced manufacturing firms – thanks to its heritage in manufacturing. Additionally, healthcare, life sciences, retail, and hospitality sectors further drive demand for flexible offices in the city’s varied economy. 

What are the benefits of renting an office in Manchester?  

For any business looking to rent an office in Manchester, consider these multiple benefits:   

Thriving Business Community 

Manchester has various industries, including finance, media, healthcare, and technology. It is an attractive location for businesses looking to tap into a talented and skilled workforce and benefit from networking and collaboration opportunities. 

Excellent Transportation Links 

Manchester has excellent transportation links, with a major international airport, a well-connected train station, and an extensive tram system. This makes it easy for employees, clients, and customers to get to and from the city. 


Renting an office in Manchester can be more cost-effective than renting in other major UK cities, such as London while providing access to a large market and a thriving business community. 

Quality of Life 

Manchester offers a high quality of life, with a vibrant cultural scene, excellent restaurants and bars, and various outdoor spaces and parks. This can attract and retain talented employees while also providing an ideal work-life balance for staff. 

Supportive Business Environment 

Manchester has a supportive business environment, with various business support organisations, funding opportunities, and networking events. This can be particularly helpful for start-ups and small businesses looking to establish themselves in the city. 

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Access to skilled-labour 

Manchester’s large and diverse population provides businesses with a skilled workforce across various industries. The city is home to numerous companies across multiple sectors – including finance, healthcare, media, and technology – and several world-class universities, which provide, attract and retain talented graduates and professionals.  

What are the main industries in Manchester?   

Manchester has a diverse economy with several key industries. Manchester is a major financial centre in the UK, with a strong presence of banks, insurance companies, and other financial services firms. It also has a thriving creative and digital sector, with many companies specialising in marketing, design, and web development. And because Manchester has a long manufacturing history, the city is home to many advanced manufacturing firms. The city’s diverse economy also includes healthcare, life sciences, retail, and hospitality. 

Manchester’s rich industrial history  

Manchester’s industrial heritage dates back to the Industrial Revolution, when it became a leading textile manufacturing centre, producing cotton and other textiles exported worldwide. In the 20th century, Manchester grew and diversified its economy. The city became a significant engineering and manufacturing centre, producing everything from locomotives and machinery to chemicals and electrical equipment. Post world war, it reinvented itself as a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, and today, it boasts a thriving creative and digital sector and a growing focus on advanced manufacturing, healthcare, and life sciences. 

How much does it cost to rent an office in Manchester?  

It really depends. You must consider the size of the office and its proximity to the city centre. For example, offices closer to the city will be more expensive than those on the outskirts. Equally, a larger office will cost more than a smaller space. That said, a small BizSpace office (up to 160 square feet) can cost £500 per month on average. A medium BizSpace office (up to 800 square feet) can cost £1,500 per month on average. And a large BizSpace office (up to 2,000 square feet) can cost £3,000 per month on average. 

What is Manchester’s transportation like?

Very good. Manchester has a well-developed transportation network, making it easy for anyone to travel into, around, and out of the city and its neighbouring boroughs.

Trains: Manchester has several train stations, including Manchester Piccadilly, Manchester Victoria, and Manchester Oxford Road. These stations offer services to destinations across the UK, including London, Liverpool, Leeds, and Edinburgh. 

Buses: Several bus companies operate in Manchester, such as Stagecoach Manchester, First Greater Manchester, and Arriva North West. The city has an extensive bus network that connects different parts of Manchester and the surrounding areas. 

Trams: The Metrolink tram system in Manchester is the largest in the UK outside of London. It has seven lines that serve various parts of Manchester and the surrounding areas. 

Cycling: Manchester has several cycle routes, and cycling is a popular mode of transport, especially for shorter journeys. The city also has a bike-sharing scheme which allows users to rent bikes using a smartphone app. 

Taxis: Taxis are widely available in Manchester, with several taxi companies in operation. Uber is also available.  

Walking: Manchester is relatively compact, and many places are within walking distance. Walking is an excellent way to explore the city. Several walking routes take you through some of Manchester’s most significant landmarks and attractions. 

Airport: Manchester Airport is around 9 miles southwest of Manchester city centre and is easily accessible. It serves as the main international airport for the North of England.  

How many offices are there to rent in Manchester?

Manchester is home to a lot of flexible offices to rent. Here at BizSpace, we provide offices within dedicated business centres, providing businesses with much more than just an office. We have business centres located fairly centrally – take BizSpace Manchester Old Trafford and BizSpace Manchester Newton Heath, for example. Whilst in Greater Manchester, you’ll find offices for rent at BizSpace Altrincham, BizSpace Cheadle, and BizSpace Oldham Hollinwood. Finally, a little further afield, we have BizSpace Bury and BizSpace Rochdale Fieldhouse.  

How to find the right office in Manchester?   

Whilst plenty of offices are available in Manchester, finding the right one can be a bit more challenging. However, here are some tips to help:  

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What do you need?  

Start by defining your requirements, such as the size of the office, location, budget, and amenities. This will help you narrow your search and find a suitable office that meets your needs. 

Consider the type of office  

Do you need your own private space? Or something more inclusive, like a serviced office? Or, if you’re a solo freelancer, a co-working space would be better. Consider the type of office workspace suitable for your business. 

Do your research  

Get online and check out potential sites that meet your criteria. Be sure to check out BizSpace’s wide selection of offices to rent in Manchester. When searching, always ensure the website provides detailed information and contact details. 

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Visit potential offices 

Once you have identified potential office spaces, arrange a visit to the premises to get a feel for the space and its surroundings. This will also allow you to ask questions about the office and the lease terms. 

Check the lease terms 

Before signing a lease, carefully review the terms and conditions, including the lease length, rent, and additional costs, such as service charges, maintenance, and utilities. BizSpace’s leases and licence agreements are easy to understand, and we always provide help if you have any questions. 

What other commercial property is available in Manchester?

Manchester is home to a diverse range of businesses. Whilst some white-collar businesses require office space, others may want something different. With Manchester’s booming digital and creative industries and its rich manufacturing heritage, some businesses may also require studio space, workshops, light industrial units, and even storage facilities.   

How to find a flexible office in Manchester?

Find the office you want from the list above and book a viewing. We’ll show you around our range of offices and business centres. We’ll be on hand to answer any questions you have.
We have simple one-page licence agreements for short-term rentals or leases for longer-term rentals. Signing up is quick and easy – and all our terms are transparent.
You could be ready to go within an hour. And our dedicated centre managers are on hand – where applicable – to support you during and after moving in.

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