Workshops & industrial units to let in Bradford 

In the middle of West Yorkshire lies the thriving city of Bradford, boasting a rich industrial heritage and a dynamic modern economy. Bradford is a hub for businesses across various sectors, from manufacturing and engineering to technology and logistics. Find your perfect workshop and industrial unit to let in Bradford and West Yorkshire from BizSpace. 

Why rent a workshop or industrial unit in Bradford and West Yorkshire?     

For many reasons, renting a light industrial unit or workshop in Bradford could be an excellent option for your business. Whether you’re a small startup looking for your first unit or a growing SME upgrading, here are some of the key advantages of Bradford and West Yorkshire:  

Strategic Location and Connectivity 

Bradford and West Yorkshire boast a strategic location in the heart of the UK, providing businesses with excellent connectivity. With proximity to major motorways such as the M62 and M1 and good rail and air links, an industrial unit in this region ensures easy transportation of goods and convenient access to markets across the country. 

Competitive Rental Rates 

Compared to other business hubs in the UK, Bradford and West Yorkshire offer cost-effective options for renting industrial units and workshops. The competitive pricing allows businesses to allocate more resources to core operations, enhancing overall profitability. This cost efficiency benefits startups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

Skilled Workforce 

The region has a skilled and diverse workforce, providing businesses access to talent across various industries. Letting an industrial unit in Bradford and West Yorkshire ensures that companies can tap into a pool of qualified professionals, contributing to increased productivity and the potential for business expansion. 

Supportive Local Authorities 

The local government and economic development agencies in Bradford and West Yorkshire actively support businesses through various initiatives, such as grants for business development or expansion, streamlined administrative processes, networking events and industry-specific support.  

Thriving Industrial Hub 

Bradford and West Yorkshire have a diverse and thriving business ecosystem. Letting an industrial unit here means being part of a dynamic community of businesses, fostering networking opportunities, collaborations, and potential partnerships. The region’s industrial clusters create a supportive environment for growth and innovation. 

Modern & Practical Facilities 

BizSpace industrial units and workshops in Bradford and West Yorkshire have the main features you’d expect from a practical workshop or light industrial unit: loading bays, roller shutters, tall ceilings, efficient lighting, optimised layouts, and more. They also meet modern safety standards.  

What type of industrial unit can I rent in Bradford?    

Whether your business needs flexible manufacturing spaces, creative studios, or storage solutions, Bradford provides a variety of industrial units to fulfil diverse industry requirements. Light industrial units are available for smaller-scale operations such as light manufacturing and distribution. Workshops offer dedicated spaces for skilled trades, while studio workshops are designed to cater specifically to the creative sector, providing venues for artists and designers. Small warehouses in Bradford are compact storage facilities suitable for businesses with limited space requirements. Additionally, industrial storage units are crucial as more extensive storage and distribution centres, supporting manufacturing and logistics operations on a larger scale. 

What are the main industries in Bradford?  

Bradford boasts a dynamic mix of industries shaped by historical roots and forward-thinking developments. Traditionally recognised for its prominence in the textile industry, Bradford maintains a strong presence in manufacturing, particularly textiles and chemicals. The city’s diversified economy also encompasses finance, retail, and services. In recent years, Bradford has witnessed growth in the digital and technology sectors, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, healthcare and education contribute significantly to the local economy, with reputable medical institutions and educational facilities in the area. 

What is the industrial history of Bradford?   

Bradford has a long history with the industrial sector. New machinery and technology in the 18th century led to a revolution in producing woollen goods. And Bradford’s location near the Pennine Mountains, with its supply of soft water and raw wool, also contributed to its success. By the mid-19th century, Bradford was home to hundreds of textile mills, employing tens of thousands of workers. In the 20th century, the decline of the textile industry saw many mills close, so Bradford’s economy diversified, becoming a hub for engineering and manufacturing. Today, industries such as finance, healthcare, and education play an increasingly important role. However, the city’s textile heritage remains essential to its identity. It is celebrated through museums, festivals, and, of course, in the restoration and regeneration of old mills used as business centres. 

What are the transportation links like in Bradford?   

Bradford is well-connected to the rest of the UK and beyond. Its various transport links make it easy to travel in and around the city for work or leisure. 

Road:  Bradford is located near several major roads, including the M62 and the M606, linking easily with major neighbouring towns and cities such as Leeds and Manchester. 

Air: Bradford is about 10 miles from Leeds Bradford International Airport, which offers flights to destinations across the UK and Europe.

Bus:  The city is served by several bus routes, with regular services running throughout the day connecting the city centre with suburbs and neighbouring towns. 

Rail: Bradford has several railway stations, including Bradford Interchange, Bradford Forster Square, and Frizinghall. Trains run regularly from Bradford to destinations across the UK, including London, Manchester, and Leeds. 

Cycling and walking: Bradford is a compact city, and getting around on foot or by bike is easy. The city has several designated cycle lanes and walking routes, making it a safe and convenient place to explore on foot or by bike.

How many workshops and industrial units are available in Bradford?      

There are several workshops and industrial units in Bradford and West Yorkshire. In Bradford, to the south of the city, we have BizSpace Bradford Dudley Hill; to the north of the city, we have BizSpace Bradford Albion Mills, both of which provide a range of small, medium, and large units. Further east in West Yorkshire, there is also a range of small, medium, and large units at BizSpace Leeds Wortley. You’ll also be able to find several units at both BizSpace Wakefield and large units available at BizSpace Huddersfield Linthwaite.  

What size industrial unit can I let in Bradford?   

Bradford offers a variety of industrial units for rent, catering to businesses of various sizes. Letting smaller units is ideal for startups or those needing minimal space and provides cost-effective storage or light manufacturing solutions. Medium-sized units cater to growing businesses with moderate operation and storage needs, while larger units are available for companies requiring ample space for large-scale manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. 

How much does it cost to rent a workshop or industrial unit in Bradford?  

The cost of renting an industrial unit in Bradford can vary depending on several factors. For example, size – larger units naturally cost more than smaller ones. Then there’s location – units in prime locations closer to the city centre or major transportation hubs might command higher rents. Finally, there’s the age of the property and its features – newer units with modern amenities typically have higher rents than older units lacking such features. On average, rental prices for industrial units in Bradford could range from £310 per month for a small unit (averaging 105 sq. ft.), a starting price of £550 for a medium-sized unit (averaging 290 sq. ft.), and a starting price of £1,730 for a large unit (averaging 2,460 sq. ft.). Please speak to us for the most accurate and up-to-date prices.

How to find the right workshop or industrial unit in Bradford?    

Define your requirements 

Clearly outline your business requirements, including the size of the industrial unit, specific features (e.g., loading docks, office space, parking), and any other essential facilities. Understanding your needs will help you narrow down the options. 

Set a budget 

Establish a realistic budget for renting an industrial unit. Consider the rental cost and additional expenses such as utilities, maintenance, and any potential service charges. This budget will serve as a crucial guideline during your search. 

Decide on a location  

Based on your business requirements, look at different areas within Bradford and West Yorkshire. Consider factors such as proximity to major transportation routes, access to suppliers and customers, and the overall business environment.  

Start looking  

Yes, there are agents with whom to speak and marketplaces to search. Aside from commercial real estate platforms, check with owner-operator sites like BizSpace. Finally, get out and look in and around Bradford and West Yorkshire to identify available industrial units. Take note of relevant details such as location, size, and rental costs. 

Talk to local businesses 

Contact Bradford’s local business associations, chambers of commerce, or industrial property associations. Networking with other businesses and professionals in the area can provide you with recommendations, insights, and potentially off-market opportunities. 

Consider lease terms 

Carefully review lease agreements to understand the terms and conditions. Pay attention to lease duration, rent escalation clauses, and any restrictions that may impact your business. BizSpace agreements are easy to understand and adaptable to your needs. 

What other commercial property is available across West Yorkshire?       

Are you looking for more than an industrial unit? Some businesses require different types of commercial space, from offices and studios to meeting rooms and storage. At BizSpace, we have several types of commercial property available across West Yorkshire:   

How do you find a workshop or industrial unit in Bradford?   

Find the workshop you want from the list above and book a viewing. We’ll show you around our workshops, and where applicable, our business centres. We’ll be on hand to answer any questions you have.
We have simple one-page license agreements for short-term rentals or leases for long-term rentals. Signing up is quick and easy – and all our terms are transparent.
You could be ready to go within an hour. And our dedicated centre managers are on hand – where applicable – to support you during and after moving in.

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