Workshops & small industrial units to rent in Bradford

Bradford is a picturesque historic city, brimming with natural beauty, only 20 miles from Leeds, one of the largest cities in Yorkshire. Known for its rich heritage of innovation, invention and media, it is home to a talented and diverse workforce, various national and regional museums, as well as a vibrant nightlife. Within this fantastic northern city, BizSpace offers an attractive range of fully customisable workshops and industrial units to rent for small and developing businesses. 

Why rent a workshop or light industrial unit in Bradford? 

Whether you’re looking to set up operations or move premises, Bradford in West Yorkshire is an excellent choice for any business, none more so than firms looking for workshops and light industrial units to rent.  

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It’s a convenient location 

Bradford is well-connected to major cities in the UK, including Leeds, Manchester, and London. The city has excellent road and rail links, making it an ideal location for businesses that require transportation of goods and services. 

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It’s more affordable

Bradford offers competitive rental rates for workshops and small industrial units, especially compared to larger cities like Leeds and Manchester. This makes it an affordable option for businesses that require space to carry out their operations. 

A well-established infrastructure 

Bradford is well-setup for business growth, including modern industrial estates, commercial parks, and business centres. This infrastructure gives businesses access to essential services such as high-speed internet, electricity, and water supply. 

A skilled workforce 

Bradford has a highly skilled and diverse workforce with expertise in various industries, including manufacturing, engineering, and textiles. And with many graduates from local universities, businesses can easily find qualified and experienced employees. 

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A supportive business environment 

Bradford offers a supportive business environment, with several business networks and support organisations available to help businesses start, grow and expand by providing them with access to funding, advice, and support. 

What are the main industries in Bradford?

There is a range of industries and sectors that Bradford is known for. Historically it revolves around manufacturing – particularly the textile industry. And although the textile industry is no longer as dominant as it once was, manufacturing remains an essential sector in Bradford.

Aside from manufacturing, Bradford has diversified its economy, with various industries contributing to its growth and development. Today, several financial institutions exist, including banks, insurance companies, and investment firms. The city also has a thriving business services sector. Additionally, Bradford has a growing healthcare sector and is home to several universities and colleges. The city also has a vital research and development sector focusing on science and technology. 

What is Bradford’s history in the industrial sector? 

Bradford has a long history with the industrial sector. New machinery and technology in the 18th century led to a revolution in producing woollen goods. And Bradford’s location near the Pennine Mountains, with its supply of soft water and raw wool, also contributed to its success. By the mid-19th century, Bradford was home to hundreds of textile mills, employing tens of thousands of workers.  

In the 20th century, the decline of the textile industry saw many mills close, so Bradford’s economy diversified, becoming a hub for engineering and manufacturing. Today, industries such as finance, healthcare, and education play an increasingly important role. However, the city’s textile heritage remains essential to its identity. It is celebrated through museums, festivals, and, of course, in the restoration and regeneration of old mills used as business centres. 

Transportation links in Bradford  

Bradford is well-connected to the rest of the UK and beyond. Its various transport links make it easy to travel in and around the city for work or leisure. 

Road: Bradford is located near several major roads, including the M62 and the M606, linking easily with major neighbouring towns and cities such as Leeds and Manchester. 

Rail: Bradford has several railway stations, including Bradford Interchange, Bradford Forster Square, and Frizinghall. Trains run regularly from Bradford to destinations across the UK, including London, Manchester, and Leeds. 

Air: Bradford is about 10 miles from Leeds Bradford International Airport, which offers flights to destinations across the UK and Europe. 

Cycling and walking: Bradford is a compact city, and getting around on foot or by bike is easy. The city has several designated cycle lanes and walking routes, making it a safe and convenient place to explore on foot or by bike. 

How many workshops and small industrial units are available in Bradford?

The city of Bradford is home to two business centres with workshop units to rent. BizSpace Bradford Dudley Hill is the more central of the two, located two and a half miles southwest of the city centre. BizSpace Bradford Albion Mills is a little further out, approximately four miles northeast of the city centre. Both are conveniently located close to the main roads. BizSpace Dudley Hill, close to the A6177 ring road and the A650 (Tong Street) leading to the city centre. BizSpace Bradford Albion Mills is close to A658 (Harrogate Road). We also have workshops and light industrial units to rent a little further afield in West Yorkshire. We have BizSpace Leeds Wortley to the east, BizSpace Wakefield to the southeast, and BizSpace Huddersfield Linthwaite to the south of Bradford.  

How to find the right workshop or small industrial unit in Bradford?  

Navigating the process of finding a workshop or industrial unit to rent can be a bit of a minefield, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve listed some key considerations to ensure you find the right space for you: 


Where you decide to establish or relocate your business can have a huge impact. Consider whether it’s easy for your customers and team to access the area, are your customers likely to be driving, catching public transport or walking, whether there will be sufficient onsite or nearby street parking and transport links, and if the area has sufficient facilities to support your business in the long-run? 

Size and layout

Industrial properties can vary in height and shape as well as your business and customer access needs. Think about the size of the space you need to meet health and safety requirements, the number of people you expect to have onsite or working with your equipment, and any storage needs you may have. If you’re not sure what square footage you require or how certain workshop spaces compare to others, we recommend conducting a site visit or speaking to a centre manager who will help you get a better picture of what a BizSpace unit can offer. 


The facilities and amenities of a workspace can make a big difference to your team’s morale and productivity. Create a list of must-have amenities and nice-to-have ones too. For example, high-speed internet, kitchen facilities, and break-out spaces like meeting rooms or quiet spaces might be on your must-have list. 


It’s important to calculate the true cost of your rental before you sign up for an agreement including whether business rates apply to your rental, service or maintenance charges, other business insurance, and additional waste or utility requirements.  

Lease terms 

Always discuss your lease or license options and terms with your potential landlord to understand what kind of agreement may be best for you. Read the agreement carefully to understand the tenant and landlord’s responsibilities and any restrictions you should know. We recognise the importance of simplicity and flexibility, so BizSpace leases and licence agreements are deliberately made to be easy to understand and adaptable to your needs.  


With the variety of industries and companies based in Bradford, it stands to reason that industrial businesses may need more than just workshop space. For example, you may also need a small office or storage facility alongside your day-to-day operations. Check out all the different workspaces and their respective BizSpace locations below. 

What other commercial property is available in Bradford?

Businesses in need of workshops and industrial units may also require additional workspace. For example, your business may require additional office and storage space and a small industrial unit to work from. Check out all the different workspaces and their respective BizSpace locations below.

How to book a meeting room?

Find the workshop you want from the list above and book a viewing. We’ll show you around our workshops, and where applicable, our business centres. We’ll be on hand to answer any questions you have.
We have simple one-page license agreements for short-term rentals or leases for long-term rentals. Signing up is quick and easy – and all our terms are transparent.
You could be ready to go within an hour. And our dedicated centre managers are on hand – where applicable – to support you during and after moving in.

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