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Workshops & industrial units to let in Sheffield

In the beating heart of South Yorkshire lies the historic industrial city of Sheffield. While renowned for its heritage in steel production and manufacturing, today, Sheffield is a hub for advanced manufacturing, engineering, and digital technology, attracting professionals across various sectors. At BizSpace, we offer a range of workshops and industrial units to let, strategically located in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, providing adaptable solutions for businesses seeking flexibility, growth, and a prime position in this wonderful region.

Why let a workshop or industrial unit in Sheffield?

For many reasons, letting an industrial unit in Sheffield could be an excellent option for your business. From a solo craftsperson to a large manufacturing enterprise and anything in between, here are some of the key advantages:


The strategic location of Sheffield – a gateway to the North and Midlands – is ideal for businesses needing excellent access to the rest of the UK. Sheffield boasts several business parks and industrial areas with easy access to major roads and public transport, making deliveries, client visits, and commuting convenient.

Business community

Sheffield has a thriving community of manufacturers, engineers, logistics companies, makers, artists, and craftspeople. Renting a workshop in a shared space can connect you with this network, fostering collaboration and opening doors to new opportunities.

Cost efficiency

Letting a workshop in Sheffield can be cost-effective compared to larger cities like Manchester or London, especially for smaller businesses or startups. Compared to buying a property, renting a workshop lowers your initial investment and eliminates maintenance and repair headaches.


Workshops in Sheffield come in various sizes and layouts, so you can find one that perfectly suits your needs. Flexibility in terms of space requirements is crucial. Letting a space in Sheffield allows your business to scale up or down based on your needs without being committed to a long-term investment.

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Diverse talent pool

Sheffield has a highly skilled and diverse workforce, thanks to its established manufacturing industries and rising tech and advanced engineering sectors. And with many graduates from local universities, businesses can easily find qualified and experienced employees.

What type of industrial unit can I rent in Sheffield?

Whether your business requires flexible manufacturing spaces, creative studios, or storage solutions, Sheffield offers a range of industrial units to meet diverse industry needs. Our light industrial units are suitable for smaller-scale operations like light manufacturing and distribution. Workshops provide dedicated spaces for skilled trades, while studio workshops cater specifically to the creative sector, offering venues for artists and designers. Small warehouses in Sheffield are compact storage facilities ideal for businesses with limited space requirements. In contrast, industrial storage units are pivotal as more extensive storage and distribution centres, supporting manufacturing and logistics operations on a larger scale.

What are the main industries in Sheffield?

While Sheffield has a rich industrial history, it has evolved into a city with diverse economic sectors. Historically known for its steel production, Sheffield remains a hub for advanced manufacturing and engineering, focusing on high-tech materials and precision manufacturing. Additionally, Sheffield has a growing reputation in the digital and creative sectors, with a thriving cluster of businesses involved in digital media, design, and technology. The healthcare and education sectors also play significant roles in the city’s economy, with the presence of medical research institutions and two major universities. If your business is looking for a workshop or industrial unit, there are several options in BizSpace’s established business centres.

What is Sheffield’s industrial heritage?

Sheffield has a rich industrial heritage deeply rooted in steel manufacturing. Often referred to as the “Steel City,” Sheffield became a global leader in producing high-quality steel during the 19th and early 20th centuries. The reputation of Sheffield Steel spread worldwide, and its products were sought after for their quality. While the decline of heavy industry in the late 20th century impacted the steel sector, Sheffield has since diversified its economy, embracing advanced manufacturing, engineering, digital technology, and the creative industries. Its industrial past is visible today in the architecture, museums, and heritage sites celebrating Sheffield’s contributions to the Industrial Revolution.

What are the transportation links in Sheffield?

Getting in, around, and out of Sheffield is easy and efficient. Sheffield benefits from a well-developed transportation network, providing residents and visitors with convenient access in and around the city and its neighbourhoods.

Roads: Sheffield is well-connected by road, with major motorways such as the M1 and M18 providing access to and from the city. The city has an extensive road network, including the Sheffield Parkway, which connects the city centre to the M1 motorway.

Rail Services: Sheffield is well-connected by rail. The central railway station is Sheffield Station, which provides regular train services to other major cities in the UK, including Manchester, Leeds, and London.

Buses:  Sheffield has a comprehensive bus network operated by multiple companies. Buses connect various neighbourhoods within the city and provide links to surrounding towns and cities.

Trams: The Sheffield Supertram system serves the city and some of its suburbs. It provides a convenient and affordable way to travel within Sheffield and reach certain areas.

Cycling: Sheffield has an excellent cycling infrastructure, including dedicated bike lanes and cycle paths around the city.

Airports: There are two airports fairly close to Sheffield. Manchester Airport-approximately 40 miles away – is the largest of the two, serving a variety of destinations worldwide. Leeds Bradford Airport – also about 40 miles away – is a smaller regional airport mainly serving European destinations.

How many industrial units are available in Sheffield?

There are a few industrial units to let in Sheffield, varying in size. At BizSpace Sheffield, you can find medium-sized and large units to let at our Business Centre on the Cricket Inn industrial estate. A little further out of Sheffield, you can find large industrial units to rent at BizSpace Rotherham and BizSpace Dinnington. Further out, in the north part of South Yorkshire, we have industrial units to rent in Barnsley; check out BizSpace Barnsley and BizSpace Barnsley Carlton.

What size industrial units are there in Sheffield?

In Sheffield, businesses can find a range of industrial units available for letting. Letting a small unit is ideal for startups or businesses with limited space needs, providing cost-effective solutions for compact storage or light manufacturing. Renting a medium unit is more suitable for a growing business and offers a middle-ground option, accommodating businesses with moderate-scale operations and storage requirements. For companies with extensive industrial operations – requiring ample space for manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution on a larger scale – there are large units toletin Sheffield.

How much does an industrial unit cost in Sheffield?

The cost of letting an industrial unit in Sheffield can vary widely depending on several factors, including the size of the unit, its location within the city, the amenities and facilities provided, and the overall demand for industrial space in the area. Rental prices for industrial units in Sheffield could range from £420 to £ 4,000 pounds per month. At BizSpace, generally speaking, you can expect a starting price of £420 per month for a small unit (averaging 350 sq. ft.), a starting price of £600 for a medium-sized unit (averaging 670 sq. ft.), and a starting price of £730 for a large unit (averaging 1,800 sq. ft.). Please speak to us for the most accurate and up-to-date prices.

How to find the right industrial unit in Sheffield?

Navigating the world of industrial units in Sheffield can feel daunting, but with the right approach, you can find the perfect space for your business. Here are steps you can take to find the right industrial unit in Sheffield:

Define your needs

Measure your equipment, inventory, and desired workspace, factoring in future growth. Consider proximity to suppliers, customers, and transportation networks. Budget and access also play a role. Consider what amenities you need as well.

Start looking

While there are agents you can enquire with, it’s always good to look online. Aside from commercial real estate platforms, check with owner-operator sites like BizSpace. Finally, get out and look in and around Sheffield to identify available industrial units. Take note of relevant details such as location, size, and rental costs.

Talk to local businesses

Attend local business events and network with local business owners or industry associations in Sheffield. They may have word-of-mouth recommendations or insights into available industrial units or can connect you with relevant contacts.

The finer details

Consider the business community – is the environment supportive and collaborative? Can you network with other businesses? Think about your growth potential -does the location offer room for expansion as your business flourishes? And look for hidden costs-factor in utilities, insurance, and potential renovations.

Consider lease terms

Carefully review lease agreements to understand the terms and conditions. Pay attention to lease duration, rent escalation clauses, and any restrictions that may impact your business. BizSpace agreements are easy to understand and adaptable to your needs.

What other commercial property is available across South Yorkshire?

When looking for commercial property, consider if you’ll need additional types of workspaces, depending on your operations. For example, some businesses may require office space or somewhere to store stock and equipment. At BizSpace, we have several types of commercial property available across South Yorkshire:

How to find a workshop or industrial unit in Sheffield?

Find the workshop you want from the list above and book a viewing. We’ll show you around our workshops, and where applicable, our business centres. We’ll be on hand to answer any questions you have.
We have simple one-page license agreements for short-term rentals or leases for long-term rentals. Signing up is quick and easy – and all our terms are transparent.
You could be ready to go within an hour. And our dedicated centre managers are on hand – where applicable – to support you during and after moving in.

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