28 October 2014

Bad Taste Bears prepare to go digital

Some of the most famous ‘residents’ of our Team Valley Business Centre are preparing to star in their own video game.

The Bad Taste Bears are the creation of our customer OddCo Ltd, who are coming up to their first anniversary at our Gateshead business centre. For 15 years, Bad Taste Bear figurines have been sold all over the world and their video game would see them move into a digital format for the first time. For anyone not familiar with the bears, some are cute, some are naughty, and some are not for the easily-offended!

Bad Taste Bear game preview

Going digital

OddCo’s Product Administrator, Kirsty McGregor, says it is a really exciting time for the company.

“We were approached by a company who wanted to launch the game and the concepts they have come up with look fantastic,” she says.

“At OddCo we are used to dealing with the physical product, rather than a digital medium, so this is new to us, as well as to the Bad Taste Bears, but it is very exciting. It will also introduce the bears to a new audience.”

A Kickstarter crowd funding campaign has been launched to build finance for the game, which is set to launch in March 2015 on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. Aimed at teens and above, the game is described as “fun and naughty” by OddCo, who have teamed up with Tas Hadjisavva of Clubit New Media and award winning game developers Formerdroid LTD.

Play a part in developing the game

The crowdfunding element means that people can pledge their support from as little as £1 and be kept up to date on news and developments. There are also some exclusive rewards, from digital rewards to limited edition figurines and even lunch with the artist, Pete Underhill.

OddCo specialises in bringing ideas to life to create bespoke products. The company chose to move into our Team Valley Business Centre to give them extra room and create separate office space, as well as warehousing and storage space. 

Over the past year they have designed limited edition Kylie figurines, as well as Breaking Bad and Back to the Future products for online retailer Firebox.Kirsty says,

We have loved our first year with Bizspace and we are planning to stay.  We really, really like it at the centre.

You can follow progress of the Bad Taste Bears game on Twitter

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