BizSpace shortlisted in the Business Culture Awards 2019

BizSpace began in 2000, with a mission to ‘be the space that Britain’s small businesses are proud to call home’. Today, we’re delighted to announce we’ve been shortlisted in the Business Culture Awards, in the Best Workplace Design for Business Culture category, a recognition of the hard work to deliver on our mission.

The category celebrates the power that the physical workspace has to ‘transform the way employees and other stakeholders operate, innovate and collaborate at work.’ According to INC, the physical environment accounts for as much as 30% of the overall employee experience. So, it’s no surprise that this is a hot topic at the Business Culture Awards (and at BizSpace too!).

BizSpace has spent the last year refurbishing numerous sites as part of a commercial strategy, investing in the quality and functionality of the physical environment. Emma Long, Commercial Director at BizSpace said: “It’s an absolute delight to be shortlisted. We’ve put a lot of time, money and effort into getting many of our sites upgraded and we’ve bought many tired business centres in the last year and completely overhauled them. To be recognised for that is just amazing.”

BizSpace has a strong culture, with a set of values chosen by employees that are lived and breathed every day which are; professionalism, teamwork, honesty, passion and fun. These core values are at the heart of everything that BizSpace does and embracing them increases the success of the business, its staff and customers. As the business grows, and new centres open, it is vital that each is endowed with the company culture and community that draws so many customers through its doors and keeps them coming back.

Samantha Hill, Head of People and Culture at BizSpace said: “The physical environment plays an incredibly important role in the productivity and wellbeing of staff. With over 4000 businesses in our centres across the UK, we must recognise that and provide an exceptional, welcoming and professional environment for them.”

With more people going freelance or setting up a business, and technology allowing them to work from anywhere, attitudes towards workspaces are changing, and well-designed, cost-effective local business centres are increasingly attractive. 

Derek Warby, a customer based at BizSpace Littlehampton said: “As a one-man-business, I came here to work in a more professional and motivating environment than my office in a back bedroom at home. I have been delighted with the facilities, the people I have met, and the extra work this space has inspired me to do.”

Best Coaching & Mentoring Initiative, Best Use of Technology & Analytics and Best International Initiative are among some of the other categories in the Business Culture Awards with some of the businesses shortlisted being; Companies House, Lloyds Banking Group and The Financial Times.

The Business Culture Awards will take place on Thursday 14th November where the winners will be announced.

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BizSpace is the UK’s leading provider of regional flexible workspace. For over 20 years we have been providing offices, studio space, industrial units, workshops, warehouses and storage facilities to a wide range of businesses in convenient regional locations across the country. We are owned by Sirius Real Estate, a commercial property operator, that is supporting us on a journey of significant growth.

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