01 July 2015

Bizspace on Telegraph small business debate

Our Sales and Marketing Director Emma Long has taken part in the Telegraph's small business debate. See the summary and video here.

SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and the future of Britain’s economy are always hot topic, and ones which we know plenty about.  So we were delighted when our Sales and Marketing Director, Emma Long, was invited to a debate hosted by The Telegraph newspaper.

Emma was interviewed by Business Reporter's Alastair Greener at Telegraph Studios in London, regarding how a working environment can assist SMEs to grow, as part of a filmed debate.

During the interview, Emma explains how Bizspace has long had a focus on offering benefits for SMEs and how our flexible approach to workspace makes us an ideal choice for start-ups and smaller businesses in particular.

Bizspace small business debate from Lyonsdown on Vimeo.

Changing times

Alastair begins by asking Emma how the UK’s demands for workspace are changing.

“The only change we have noticed in the last four years is that SMEs are taking a little bit longer to take the plunge,” Emma says

“When they do come to us they normally start in collaborative space, they can then come in when they want, and they then grow to a stage where they then want their own office space and they can move into that.

“The difference is that we have created a community feel on our sites so that when customers come they don’t feel like they are working on their own.”

We have an emphasis on encouraging our customers to network and exchange business where possible.  And at Bizspace, flexibility is key.  We offer a single-page licence agreement – whether the term you are looking for is a single day or 20 years – that is easy to read and understand, meaning there is no need for solicitors’ fees.

We are flexible with what you can do with your space as well, so you can create your own ‘hub'

Emma explained “We also work with customers so that if they do find in six months’ time that from what they thought their business was going to be, it has now actually doubled in size, we will then allow them to grow with us and move into another space and just start a new agreement.  So the flexibility is there throughout, from start to finish.”

Ambitious to be the best

At Bizspace it is our ambition to become the best provider of flexible workspace, as well as the best place to work.  We continuously work with our customers, using their feedback to give them the best possible experience, and aim to innovate and create new products to make our customers’ lives easier.

For example, our collaborative space The Work Lounge is now available at selected business centres throughout the UK, offering customers the chance to work, network and collaborate with other businesspeople while paying on an hourly or daily basis.  We also offer meeting rooms for hire and storage space at a range of our sites. 

Plus facilities such as mailboxes or virtual offices can help entrepreneurs get their businesses off to a professional start.

Search to find a Bizspace site near you or visit our products and services section to find out more about what we have to offer your business.