12 April 2018

Building the BizSpace book: Chapter 1

Last week I was lucky enough to take part in Sophie Bradshaw’s ‘My Book-Building’ workshop. Sophie is a professional editor, proof-reader, ghost-writer and commissioning editor, who has over 14 years of experience within publishing.

This year, the marketing team have the exciting task of writing a book with an aim to inspire our customers alongside other entrepreneurs and start-ups. As the main writer, I was keen to get some expert training in how to write a book.

To get you thinking about key points of your book, Sophie asked me a series of questions which we went through in detail. Her workshops are broken down into five sections, target market, structure, ideas, front and end matter and writing schedule. Her questions asked throughout allow you to pitch your book concept, develop that idea, plan a structure and have a clear understanding of how you will piece together each chapter.

Sophie's questions included:

  • What is the end goal for the book? 
  • Who is your reader?
  • How will your book help them?
  • What type of book are you writing?
  • How does your book stand out to others in the market?
  • How are you going to structure your book?

Though we have a fairly clear plan for our book, I found that I was thinking of other new creative ideas or concepts we could include in our layout/writing style. It evoked a new sense of excitement knowing I have created a solid structure for our book.

I was also impressed with how prepared Sophie was, she had taken our book outline and conducted her own research. This allowed her to tailor the workshop and her own knowledge specifically to our book, providing market research tips, competitor books and layout ideas.

I walked away from the meeting with a new sense of confidence and vision for the book and look forward to having more coaching/editing sessions with her in the future. I would like her to be part of our journey in writing and publishing BizSpace’s first book as I know she will guide us into creating something incredible.

As a whole it was clear from my one to one with Sophie that she has a tremendous amount of experience and she has a passion for helping people achieve their goal of writing and publishing a book. As she says in the testimonial on her website, “I wanted to be able to take someone’s idea and turn it into a finished book with them, no matter what stage they started at.”

Sophie will be sharing her tops tips and advice at our next ‘Let’s do Bizness’ networking event in Bristol where you can sign up for a day of networking with likeminded individuals. To learn more about Sophie and her coaching courses you can visit her website


Grace Coleman