Community News

29 August 2017


Rachel Kershaw rented short-term office space at our Lomeshaye Business Village so her daughter could revise for her A levels and has praised our team for their helpfulness after her daughter did even better than expected, achieving three A's. 

Across the UK, the nail-biting few months are over as thousands of students collected their A level and GCSE results. A memorable day for many, as these results will shape their future and help steer the pathway for the next chapter of their lives. With the national data showing that the pass rate for top grades has increased for the first time this decade, it's clear that the standards have been raised to ensure the nation's children achieve the best of their ability.

As many parents know, lots of students are plagued with the inability to concentrate on studying. There are a number of factors that come into play such as procrastination, poor organization or noisy surroundings. We feel that it's vital for students to have a space that is solely for studying, which is quiet, fitted with the correct equipment and available at any time. This ensures your child has everything they need to make the most of their potential.

Quiet Space is just the ticket

This week proved how affective a dedicated study space can be as one of our customers, Rachel Kershaw recently rented an office for her daughter to use for her A level studies. Rachel says,

”Kirsty and Elaine were brilliant, they set up the office for her with desks, chairs and white boards so that she could use it whenever she was free to do so. I had the worry originally that there may be too many distractions at home and that the college library wasn't intimate enough for my lovely girl to knuckle down and revise. Thank goodness for the fab team and the amazing services offered to me by BizSpace!”  

After two months of uninterrupted revision and a calm environment to work, her daughter took her exams and achieved three A's! After being told she was expected to get two B’s and one A, she has gone above and beyond what was expected of her. We are delighted to announce that she is now counting down the days to start her law degree at Sussex University. A huge congratulations from us.

Here at BizSpace, we aim to make sure our services are completely tailored to your needs. There is a place for everyone to call home whether you’re a small business, accountant or even a student. If you need our services for a day, a week or even a year, our flexible contracts, instant access and ability to customize and decorate will allow you to find the best space for you