26 September 2013

Didcot customer showcased on The Gadget Show

Channel 5's The Gadget Show used a portable timber trail designed and manufactured by customer Shoretrax to create a cycle test track within their studios.

A product by Bizspace customer Shoretrax has been given national attention on a popular television show. Channel 5’s The Gadget Show used the Shoretrax portable timber trail to create a cycle test track within their studios in Birmingham.

Based at Didcot Enterprise Centre, in Oxfordshire, Shoretrax designs and manufactures timber trails to allow cyclists enjoy mountain biking without the need to travel to mountains. 

Praise for product

The portable trail was used by The Gadget Show to showcase the new Loopwheels spokeless suspension wheel system, designed by Sam Pearce, and was set up in a loop with banked corners and rollers. The product proved to be a hit with the show’s presenters Jason Bradbury and Rachel Riley.

Jason commented on how much fun it was to ride on the Shoretrax, which gave him a good opportunity to test out the new wheels.

Shoretrax owner Keith Evans says: “We’ve always known Shoretrax is great for taking an off-road cycling experience anywhere and to build it in The Gadget Show’s studio was a great experience.

“I’m a big fan of the show and when the producers called me up, I knew we had the perfect solution. It was great to see Jason and Rachel’s reaction when they first saw the track setup and how much they enjoyed riding round it.

“Of course they only used a fraction of the footage they filmed on the day in the actual show, but it’s a great promotion for Shoretrax and really demonstrates how versatile our modular track system is. When we say it can be set up anywhere we really mean it.”

He adds: “We filmed the footage back in July and I took my two younger boys with me. We spent about five hours there and got to see behind the scenes so it was a good day and a great experience.”

You can view a clip of the Shoretrax trail on The Gadget Show website, as well as a behind the scenes video filmed by Keith. 

Valuing our flexibility

Shoretrax moved into Didcot Enterprise Centre five years ago and Keith chose Bizspace because of the need to have flexible workspace

He says: “We started in a small office then moved to a bigger business unit. We have moved three times as we have expanded and that flexibility is the main reason we chose Bizspace.”

Business is going well but Keith hopes the publicity from the appearance on The Gadget Show will get even more people interested in Shoretrax products. Shoretrax sells its portable trails to customers across the UK and Europe. The tracks are made from aluminium framed timber and can be assembled without tools and fold flat for easy storage.

Are you looking for flexible business space? Our Didcot Enterprise Centre offers a wide range of services, from workshops and industrial units to offices and meeting rooms. For more information, email Business Centre Manager Steve Botting or call 01793 613 456.