16 March 2018

Reassured 'insured' us that everything is possible

Meet Reassured, a life insurance brokerage based at Belvedere house, Basingstoke. We welcome a guest blog from SEO and Analytics Manager Ben on how the company have expanded from just 4 members of staff to an ever growing 350 employees across three office locations.

Having been ranked 8th in the 'Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to Work For - 2018, their expansion story proves the right working environment is key to boosting productivity and employee satisfaction. 

Awards won by Reassured

Our past

We started out back in 2009 with just 4 members of staff, selling life insurance as an intermediary brokerage. Fast track to 2018 and we now employ over 350 staff across three locations; our head office in Basingstoke (BizSpace), Portsmouth and Manchester.

Before relocating our Headquarters to Belvedere House we operated from a cramped office in Alton, Hampshire. As the business began to thrive, so our employee headcount increased at a rapid rate.

This put an enormous pressure on all things related to our working environment.

The sales team were on top of recruitment, who were getting in the way of IT. Staff were having to arrive earlier and earlier, just to secure a parking space somewhere near the office. Not a great start to the working day! Even making a cup of tea had become a bit of an ordeal by the end.

In short, our office had become a dysfunctional working space and it was affecting our team morale and productivity. If we were going to continue to progress as a business, we had to relocate.

Basingstoke (Belvedere House, Basing View)

In September 2017, we moved our HQ to Basingstoke and the exciting opportunity that Belvedere House presented.

"Moving to Belvedere House has been integral to our business growth and has greatly improved employee satisfaction and productivity." (Steve Marshall, CEO at Reassured)

We now have a dedicated sales floor, separate from our back office teams. We have a learning and development area, used solely to train new recruits. We have ample parking for everyone, ensuring our staff do not start the day badly.

The office upgrade has really helped transform our working environment at Reassured, as we continue to go from strength to strength.

We now have an HQ to be proud of. We believe this healthy working environment has improved our productivity and employee satisfaction.

What's more, we have just been ranked 8th in the 'Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to Work For - 2018'.

The most important asset of our business is the people, but a bright, clean, secure and superbly appointed workspace certainly helps!

So, what does the future hold? Well, it looks pretty exciting. We have certainly come a long way from bursting at the seams on an industrial estate in Alton.

If you would like to become neighbours with Reassured, check out our creative space at Belvedere house.