01 June 2016

Helping our managers be the best in the business

Development of unique training programme for senior management team accredited by Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)

We’re proud to have developed a unique training programme for our senior management team, which has been officially accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

Our ‘mini MBA’ course has been developed with the help of our friends at Advantage Business Partnerships (ABP), and is designed to help our managers be the best they can be.  It also provides a platform for any of our team who wishes to develop their learning in the future with an academic qualification, such as an MBA.  It covers areas such as including brand and business strategy, driving strategic change, financial management, plus marketing and communications.

Due to launch this summer, the two-year Bizspace Leadership Progression Programme (BLPP) complements our two-year coaching and development scheme for our regional management team, which began in October.  With each programme, ABP delivers the training through interactive workshop sessions, designed to be engaging and informative.

Mike O’Dwyer, Growth Partner and Director at ABP, says the BLPP course is the first of its kind he has worked on.

“It is unusual for a business to go to such lengths to develop a bespoke course and take the time and trouble to get it accredited,” he explains.

“This approach follows the whole philosophy of Bizspace.  You often hear companies claiming that ‘our most important asset is our people’ and ‘we live by our values’, but with Bizspace this genuinely is the case and I have witnessed both first hand.”

“They are one of the only companies I’ve had the pleasure of working with that actually live by their values and put their staff at the heart of the business.”

Our company values are Professionalism, Fun, Teamwork, Honesty and Passion.  We developed them in conjunction with all our staff and they are embodied throughout everything we do.

Our Sales and Marketing Director, Emma Long, comments: “We are already seeing fantastic results after the first two workshops for our regional managers and the feedback from staff has been great.  The workshops focus on highly practical examples, so learning can be transferred directly from the ‘classroom’ to the workplace.”

She continues: “Ensuring that the BLPP was accredited was a must.  It took a lot of extra work and research but it was vital that the course culminated in a valuable and transferable qualification.”

“We’re very grateful for the hard work put in by ABP and we’re really looking forward to beginning the BLPP.”

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